29939390Windwitch (Witchlands #2) by Susan Dennard


“Why do you hold a razor in one hand?
So men remember that I am sharp as any edge.
And why do you hold broken glass in the other?
So men remember that I am always watching.”

The Story

This book was both beautiful and terrifying as each of our witch’s lives are torn apart and transformed in the sequel to Truthwitch. Dennard expands on the world that she brought us previously and each character’s story unfolds to show more power and depth than we would have expected from an already vibrant story.

Though this book is called Windwitch, it is no indication that it is solely about Merik. In fact, it is much a story of our collective witches rather than just solely one or two. Previously, Truthwitch really did revolve mostly around Safi and her thread sister Iseult’s base story, whereas Windwitch delves into each story – not favoring any one witch. What I loved about this book was that every with has their own journey that they are on, and where you may have found them to be a villain previously, you find that you are still rooting for them even if their goal is countering your favorite character.

For those who are looking for continued romance, don’t expect this installment t have it.  This book is less of romance and more of a battle for survival. This book focused more on each character’s individual strength through their dilemmas. However, we are set up for some interesting relationships for later in the series. And lets just say I ship them all!!! A minor LGBTQA+ rep slid into this book, but has potential to grow so much more in the series.

New mysteries have unfolded and has left Dennard the opportunity to take the story in multiple directions (which she sort of already has). You aren’t exactly left with a cliffhanger, but more or less an opening for an already broad story to grow exponentially.

The World Building

If I ever met Susan Dennard, my first question would be where she gets her inspiration from for the world building in this series. What I find so impressive is how much everything just connects together. Having had read the first two books twice now really just brings about how many minor details are brought back out and utilized. Though, sometimes dense, I still found every little bit intriguing. I love how slowly everything is revealed. Susan is such a tease giving us just a little bit about the Cahr Arwen, the various water wells, and even the Hell-bards so that we have to keep coming back for more.

The Characters

I love the characters in this book. Everyone suffers, but they do so beautifully. I think what is so inspiring about each character is that they are so selfless. Each one of these precious characters have something that they are sacrificing their safety and well being for. The idea of thread sisters and brothers and the connection it has is so special. It’s not just like saying they are basically best friends, their physical being and souls are interwoven with their threads – their threads are actually bound.

The Soundtrack

Thrice – For Miles


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