29483403Water’s Wrath (Air Awakens #4) by Elise Kova





Vhalla is discovering that she can’t run away forever. Her bond with the crown prince wont let her forget him and her affinity with air proves to have powers that can unleash what’s in the crystal caverns. Vhalla battles with whom to trust and what to do with her power.

The Story

So the story picks up where Vhalla has run off. She’s in the crossroads essentially floundering about not really doing anything. It’s almost maddening to see her sort of wasting away, but the story picks up fast. This was definitely one of the faster reads since the first book for me. Quite a bit actually happens in this book. It doesn’t take long for Vhalla to be drawn back to the castle for various reasons, and of course she finds herself entangled with the crown prince. Now you may think the characters are safe because this is a YA fantasy, but you’re wrong. Be prepared to have your heart crushed in ways you weren’t expecting to come from this series. If you think now that the Crown Prince is betrothed to the Northern princess that Vhalla wont have her own sickenly sweet romance, then again you’re wrong.

The World Building

It’s the 4th book, there’s not much more to the world to learn. What we do get is a better understanding of the Crystal Caverns that ultimately leads up to the last book and catalyst to the story. With that being said, the crystal’s true power is still sort of a mystery.

The Characters

Sometimes I just really want to shake Vhalla. Like AFTER ALL OF THIS why don’t you trust the people that you care about most? She is so bent on being a martyr or just sacrificing herself period that it is frustrating. Yet every time she falls she pushes herself up and fights to the end.

The Soundtrack

CYN – I’ll Still Have Me



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