Throne of Glass (Throne of Glass #1) by Sarah J. Maas




When Celaena Sardothian, the imprisoned assassin is propositioned to stay in the slave camp or fight in a tournament to be the king of Ardalan’s Champion she chooses the bargain for her freedom. But something in the castle is killing off the other contestants and she must not only fight for her freedom, but also figure out what evil lurks there before it consumes her.

The Story

This was my third time reading this book, and personally I like this series more that the ACOTAR series by Maas. With that being said, I think it’s safe to say that I think this book is wildly entertaining. What I like about this book is that it brings out a beaten girl, who is still proud about her skill, yet pushes her to prove herself capable. For those of you, like me, who have read this series before, it’s such a joy to re read and find so many little nuggest of foreshadowing that Maas put into the book that don’t come out to play until third or fourth book.

Even though I know what happens in the next books, I still ship all the characters. I have my personal favorite, but I adore all the love interests in this book. Personally, I love that Maas writes these characters that don’t just have their one romance. How many people have one whirlwind romance to travel through so many books? So some may call it a love triangle, I just call it lurrrvvve.

The action scenes in this book still have me biting my nails, and the evil in it still has me cringing under my blankie. I love that she can wreck havoc on someone in a fight, but still gets the crap beat out of her too. She struggles as she gets her body back in shape and her skills back.

The World Building

There is quite a bit of world building in this book, and a lot of it is just set up for later books to come. I love how Maas has set up for a long haul, yet starts off with just what’s happening within the castle, while the rest of the plot uses the rest of the world building comes in later.

As the story progresses we are given a lot more about the king and his tirade over the country and the elimination of magic under his rule.

To this day, I just can’t picture the glass castle though. Like if part of the castle is made of glass, does that include the floors, walls, etc? Wouldn’t you see up women’s skirts? Where’s the privacy? I know she doesn’t really go into that portion of the castle, but my mind simply wont wrap itself around this concept, and maybe I just keep missing the explanation.

The Characters

Okay, I love all the characters. They’re all just little cinnamon rolls that I want to protect, especially my sweet Chaol. He can play the bad ass Captain of the Guard, but he’s just a softie.

I love that Celeana is capable of having male friends as well as a budding friendship with the strong willed Princess Nehemia. She is such a asset to the story as she continuously challenges Celeana to evaluate her morals and what she is fighting for.

The Soundtrack

Banks -Weaker Girl


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