17571215Things We Know by Heart by Jessi Kirby



“As hard as we both tried, and as much as we both wanted to be otherwise, we are made of our pasts, and our pains, our joys and our losses. It’s in the very fibers of our beings. Written on our hearts.” 

Over a year after Quinn has lost her boyfriend to a tragic accident she is still hurting from the loss. She has reached out to all the organ donor recipients that his life had gifted and all has responded except for one, the heart. In an attempt to get some peace for her own broken heart, she goes behind the agencies back and researches until she finds the donor and sets out to see him. Just to see him. That is until circumstances brings their lives crashing (literally) together and she gets a glimpse at the boy whose life was saved by the one she loved. Despite her original plans to stay away from Colton, her life is slowly transforming from his vivacity for life.

The Story – I picked up this book because I wanted my feelings to get punched in the gut so hard I would about cry. Unfortunately, I didn’t get the feels full force till 90%. But that’s totally okay. To begin we spend the first part of this book with a broken Quinn. What I liked was that it wasn’t a lot of wallowing staring out a window. Like please, no, I don’t read these books to be depressed.

Quinn is merely trying to honor her dead boyfriend’s memory and is ultimately feeling guilty for moving on. I really appreciated how we got to see Colton slowly change her world. I loved how realistic it was for Quinn to slowly adapt and learn to be happy again. The way Colton helps her is just by showing her life. Like, hey there open your eyes there’s this bright world out here, come be a part of it. I love that nothing was rushed, it was a slow, slow burn.

Trent seemed to be such an idyllic first boyfriend. Despite the fact that Colton had his heart and Quinn wasn’t quite over her heartbreak, the book didn’t spend a lot of time comparing the two. Trent is mentioned as a part of her hurt, but never in a way where Quinn expected his soul or personality to be within Colton.

Even though I didn’t appreciate the slow budding feelings till almost the end this book had pretty much everything for me that I expected from it.

The Characters

Quinn-This poor girl! I just love how much love she has for her dead boyfriend and her family. Though her hurt is no way an excuse for what she does to Colton, I understand the desperation she would have had in those low moments. Her bond with her sister is really touching, especially when she reaches out for advice.

Colton-How cute is this guy? You know what I loved so much about this book? The fact that his smile or eyes weren’t repeatedly mentioned throughout the book, as if that is a legitimate reason for a romance. For a guy who has every reason to (now) be smiling it was so refreshing to have his actual reactions, his comments, and his thirst for life so evident without having him continually grinning like a maniac.


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