35259631The Wedding Date by Jasmine Guillory



When Alexa agrees to be the date for Drew, the man she just met while stuck in a hotel elevator, she doesn’t realize that what they are faking is just what she needs in her life.

The Story

This book was pretty cute. I loved that this takes the fake date trope up a notch. It added in diversity and a whole lot of reality that goes along with long distance relationships, especially the kind that aren’t made clear about what the relationship really is.

The story started to lag a little in the middle of the story, while the beginning offered a meet -cute that turned sexy. The relationship quickly jumped into an amicable romance of a few texts, see-you-next-weekends, and a lot of food. While I appreciate the knowledge Guillory had of the Bay area and of yummy foods, it didn’t make the story very exciting to hear about having breakfast, lunch, and dinner for several weekends in a row. Finally though, at about 80%, the story starts to pick up again into the heart clenching that we read these types of books for.

One thing I really liked about this book was that it was sexy without it being erotic. I think the most important part though, is that both characters practiced safe sex. No joke, condoms were mentioned on multiple occasions, and I think it is often times completely ignored or omitted in the heat of the moment. Some may think that condoms aren’t exactly sexy, but you know what is? Someone without any venereal diseases.

The biggest no-no for me that happened in this book, only comes from my background in the medical field. At one point Drew discusses with Alexa information about his patients (one that she knows) and that is a huge HIPAA violation.

The Characters

I loved that this book featured a educated and professional black woman. While she addresses the race issue, it isn’t made into an overbearing issue. Despite being an accomplished woman, however, Alexa still had her doubts and self-esteem issues. The real kicker though, is that she may be affronted by these issues, but she doesn’t let it push her down.

Drew, well he’s just a dumb dumb that looks good. There isn’t really much that stands out about the guy except that he is basically McSteamy (except in pediatrics instead of plastic surgery).

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The Soundtrack

Ariana Grande – Thinking About You


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