2767793The Hero of Ages (Mistborn #3) by Brandon Sanderson



With Ruin released into the world Vin and co. must accomplish impossible feats to survive and save everyone from the end of their world.

The Story

Okay first of all. I actually finished this book quite a while ago. I was so angry and disappointed with the ending that I just couldn’t care less about writing the review. Yet here I am.

Whyyy. Why was this so boring? Seriously Sanderson, longer does not mean better! Each of these books were so dense that I wanted to rip out my red pen and cross out and circle all the bits that were redundant and send it back to the editor. I simply can’t get over how unnecessarily long these books are, to the point that I have almost zero desire to pick up any more of Sanderson’s books.

I think that really got me was the ending. When it came down to the final scenes I was like what? All the characters deserved a better ending, because it was pretty lame. Really, in my head I pictured some cloud fighting another cloud. I know what you’re thinking…what?

The World Building

I was so happy to still get more world building! Unfortunately the structure that Sanderson introduces in the first book where we get a little information at a time because characters’ chapters are cut off, or simply because a character just wouldn’t say anything (like Human) made it almost unbearable. All I wanted was an explanation, but Sanderson added 300 extra pages prolonging the story and world building.

The Characters

I think what really kept this going was the focus of the underdog characters’ stories. In this book we finally find out much more about the Kandra race. However, TenSoon’s chapters were short and so few that I was so disappointed. Spook also was featured much more prominently in this book, and provided a lot of what could hook a reader, but some how still came across as a dullard.

There are so many characters that contributed to the story though, yet their stories made the book actually hard to push through. I couldn’t stand reading the civil interactions between newly wed Elend and Vin, couldn’t find myself interested in Breeze in the slightest, and went from feeling bad for Sazed to just feeling annoyed with his whiny-ness.

The Soundtrack

The Smashing Pumpkins – Bullet with Butterfly Wings



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