The Beauty of Darkness (The Remnant Chronicles, #3)The Beauty of Darkness (The Remnant Chronicles #3) by Mary E. Pearson




There is nothing better than an epic finale to a story that you have become so invested in. After going through so much with these characters you’ve come to know, there are so many emotions tied into how things will wrap up and eventually end. I love when I pick up the last book in a trilogy and realize it’s HUGE! To me, this means that I will be able to enjoy the story for that much longer, because most of the time I really don’t want it to end.  Mary E. Pearson did a really fantastic job with this final book in the Remnant Chronicles. I needed so much to put my heart at ease after reading the whirlwind of chaos that was the end of the second book, Heart of Betrayal.

Upon opening to the first page, you pick up exactly where book two left off. There is no time lapse to try and figure out what happened in between books, and for this I am grateful. My heart could not have handled anything less. The intense way the second book ended left me reeling as to what could possibly happen. And then our poor crew of runaway royals has now been thrust back into the Cam Lanteaux in a race against time. They must find a way to make it back to their kingdoms to warn them of the great danger heading their way. But not everyone believes in this danger like Lia does.  She was the only one to see what the Komizar was truly up to, and as unbelievable as it might be, she must stop him at all cost.

After having been through so much, Lia really has fallen into the path of royalty that she fought so hard to run away from in the beginning. But she realizes that it isn’t just about finding love, but defending your home and your people. And when she can’t leave her kingdom behind to fend for themselves, tensions arise. I found that Kaden really became a character that I was instantly drawn to, he grew immensely as well, after learning that what he’s known for so long wasn’t what he thought, he chose to go with his heart, and his heart lies with Lia. Meanwhile, Rafe is struggling with his own decisions that he is forced to make, whether Lia is by his side or not, he can’t let his people down. Together, all three must make some of the biggest decisions of their lives and for the better of the whole, or so they hope.

I was so happy with the way Mary E. Pearson did not leave a single character out, we learn about what is going on in all the kingdoms we have visited throughout this journey, each character’s story is wrapped up, there are no loose ends left to wonder what might have happened. This to me is a sign of a great book, there’s nothing less satisfying than getting so far involved in a series only to be left hanging at the end. The story was unputdownable and I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the pages. I sacrificed sleep along with the characters, I felt their exhaustion and worry and passion to make it to their next destination and to save their people from danger and death. I felt the love that has grown between the characters, and the friendships that they have bonded. I never wanted this to end, but even though it did, I was so very happy with the ending. There were so many unknowns from the previous books as well that were explained in this final installment and there really isn’t a question left unanswered except for what might happen to these characters in the future. What I wouldn’t give to have another trilogy with my beloved trio.

This world, and these characters, and this book were such a fun journey as a reader to experience. I am so glad that I took the plunge and read these and I will most definitely be adding these to my favorites shelf. There will be a reread in the future because I am not ready to let these characters go.  I don’t know what took me so long to read them, but I am so very happy that I did. Do me a favor, and yourself a favor while you’re at it, and give yourself the joy of reading these amazing books. Trust me, you wont regret it,.

If You Liked This Book

29008738If you liked The Beauty of Darkness, I highly recommend picking up The Bird and the Sword. These both follow the journey of strong female characters while they discover who they are and what they were meant to accomplish. Both are set in beautiful fantasy worlds with kingdoms and royalty and a touch of magic. This book and the next one in this series, The Queen and the Cure, would be the perfect book hangover cure that you are sure to get after reading The Remnant Chronicles.



Let’s Discuss

What are some of your favorite trilogies? Do you prefer stand-alones over series? Have you read The Remnant Chronicles? I am excited to read Mary E. Pearson’s new book soon to be released set in the same world, The Dance of Thieves. Is this also on your TBR? Let me know!


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