30960329Textrovert by Lindsey Summers

Received an ARC from KCP Loft via a Goodreads Giveaway
Publish date: May 2, 2017

Textrovert by Lindsey Summers was sweet and super cute. After accidentally grabbing the wrong phone, Keely and Talon get to know each other over the week before they have a chance to exchange the phones to the rightful owners. Under the guise of anonymity they are able to be themselves and get to know each other honestly, or as honestly as it may seem on a surface level. After swapping phones, they still can’t get enough of each other. However, their true identities might actually get in the way of the connection they had been building. While everything they told each other was the truth, it’s what wasn’t said that actually gets in the way of their relationship.

So this book was pretty short; easy enough to finish in just a few hours of reading. Despite the shortness, you still get a full story for a YA contemporary. The story is simple, relatable, and tackles a subject that many teens have to come to terms with-honesty in who they are growing up to be.

The premise of this story largely wraps around the idea that these two kids had their phones swapped and slowly get to know each other. There is something about talking to someone who you don’t know at all that makes it easy to not have any sort of expectation of the outcome. You can be entirely yourself without the pressure of the consequences of letting them down. Technology and social media makes it so easy for us to make friends in ways that are entirely unique to this current generation that makes this book applicable to the younger readers that may pick it up. The only thing that I would have added into the book would be the real complication of building a foundation to friendship via texting-there is no way to convey secondary communication via tone of voice or non-verbal cues. Emojis only go so far, and this concept could have added to any sort of miscommunication or drama that could have ensued.

The characters were great. Our main character, Keely, is able to really let herself out and learn to have her personality show via her interactions with Talon. She had lived the life of trying to please the people around her that she never really got to be selfish in her own way and never got to win any battles when it came to her needs versus those of her twin or her best friend. Talon, despite superficially having a super life, was given a little depth. Nothing that was excessively deep, but enough to give the kid some personality, something that was more than what first meets the eye. What I liked about the relationship between Keely and Talon was that it was super low key and not over the top romantic antics. It was realistic on the level of teenagers. Sometimes, YA contemporaries have these moments that are too much like a scene from a teen movie. Life just isn’t like that. While the characters had their immaturity as far as doubts and emotions, they still had their moments where they had to sit and think about their own actions and reflect on them. While that’s the case, there weren’t crazy big parties, sex scenes, or even outrageous dates. It was real, it was just two kids getting to know each other and jumping the hurdles that came their way.

The delivery of the book was great. When I first looked into the book I thought it would largely been written as text messages back and forth, but really the communication is just a underlying factor. We are still given a full story with just enough feels to make your heart get a few twists during the misunderstandings.

This book will be released on May 5, 2017. Thank you to Goodreads and the publishers for the ARC.



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