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At this point, I don’t think i have it in me to pass up a book about pirates. There’s something about the comradery of a crew, and the adventure to be had in the big blue yonder that calls to my inner pirate. So when I heard about a crew of all female pirates who were brought together under unfortunate circumstances and who are out to set the world right once again, I was immediately intruigued. These girls were nothing short of the definition of girl power and it made for such a fun read.

In a world where a corrupt warlord named Aric Athair and his bloodthirsty army of bullets think that they rule the seas. Boys are taken at a young age and recruited to become a part of this dastardly group of pirates who turn them into pawns to be used on their ever growing fleet of warships. When a bullet tricks Caledonia Styx into second guessing her family’s number one rule to shoot every bullet they see on sight, she makes the biggest mistake of her life and she hesitates. As a result, her entire family and everyone else on her ship is killed. Calendonia is left with an empty ship, her “sister” Pisces, and a burning need to take revenge on Aric Athair and his bullets for all they have taken from her. She begins to form a crew made up of girls who have also had everything taken from them by the evil doings of Aric Athair, and they all want revenge. Aboard the Mors Navis, they sail the seas looking to take down any of the bullet’s armored fleet and when a close call lands them a bullet captive of their own they think they might have a chance at finally getting the upper hand to fight back. But can they trust a bullet?

It was strange at first when I realized this wasn’t your average pirate ship with wooden boards and cannons and cloth sails. But rather something you might see in the movie Mad Max or a steampunk version of pirates. But once you get into the book it all starts to work. The different elements actually give it a bit of a fresh take on your average pirate story and I really started to like all of the tech involved with the ships. I could easily imagine this hulking metal ship with the sails covered in solar scales and girls with goggles and guns and all sorts of cool gadgets strapped about them ready for a brawl at any turn. I began to really appreciate the different feel to this book and how it all was something new and interesting instead of the same old story told a thousand different ways.

The crew of all females was also so much fun to read about. The comradery between the girls was so fierce and passionate that it made me want to call up my best friend and tell her how much I appreciate her! I loved the closeness of the girls and even a love interest thrown in there to endear me even more to this wonderful group of badass ladies. The string that tied them all together was the loss they all felt at the hands of the warlord Aric, as he murdered their families and destroyed their homes he left behind these women who found strength in their losses and came together to redeem themeselves and those that they loved. This is so evident in their rallying cries, and there willingness to run head first into danger to save each other and to help their fellow crew mates no matter what might happen in the process. I could only hope that I could ever find a group of gals so loyal and fierce as these.

The friendship between Caledonia and Pisces was stronger than any family tie. Their loss brought them together and with only each other to lean on they formed a bond that nothing could tear apart. But when a bullet saves Pisces in an attack gone bad, they start to butt heads in regards to how to handle the situation. There were many times that Pisces frustrated me with her naive insistence that they trust this boy that they knew next to nothing about. How could she let the enemy come between this unbreakable bond? I didn’t get it. But with a love as strong as the one that turned these two girls into sisters, it will take a lot more than one stray bullet to come between them, or so we hope.

This was such a fun adventure with a great new take on the pirate world. I loved how different and unique it was at every turn. The friendships, the battles, the world were all well created and I was pleasantly surprised with how much I enjoyed this book! Hooked from the very beginning to the end, it is full of action and adventure with a dash of love in there as well. It is a whirlwind to the very last page, and this crew of ladies will be on my mind until I can find out where they will end up in the next book! If you’re like me and can’t pass up a book about pirates, you should definitely give this gem a read!

”On the back of the sea, who do we trust? – Our Sisters.
When our ship falters, who do we trust? – Our Sisters.
In a storm of Bullets, who do we trust? – Our Sisters!”

If You Liked This Book

33643994If you were a fan of Seafire, then you should definitely check out Daughter of the Pirate King by Tricia Levenseller! The whole time I was reading Seafire, I kept thinking how much the strong, female, redheaded captains reminded me of each other. And their fierce crews who would do whatever it takes to keep their crews safe were both so awesome to read about. I quickly fell in love with Daughter of the Pirate King and if you haven’t read it then do yourself a favor and grab it right away!

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Do you have a genre that calls to your soul no matter what the book might actually be about? I think that I might have been a pirate in a past life because I can’t get enough of all pirate stories. Let me know what calls to you in the comments below!


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