35529926Ruin and Rising (The Grisha Trilogy #3) by Leigh Bardugo



After The Darkling sweeps across Ravka taking over the capital, Alina and co are left to flee. Spirits are broken and she must find the last amplifier to have any chance of defeating The Darkling and his shadow army. As Alina learns more about her own powers, she in turn learns more about The Darkling’s history and what sacrifices will need to be made to finally defeat him.


The Story

I know that I am probably in unpopular opinion area, because it seems that so many people were not  happy with the ending. But honestly, I’m not sure if there is any other way to finish off this story. I have to admit, the beginning was a bit drab, but once it got going, it was really non stop from there. There really was a lot going on in this book and there’s so much I could say, but that would be too spoilery. What I liked I think most was that not everything was a happily ever after. There was so much sacrifice, destruction, and loss that really drives the characters’ desperation and my heart just ached so much for them.

The World Building

I love the continued influence that Slavic folklore and culture plays in the story. In this book we end up exploring a little bit more of Ravka and Bardugo has really made a vast land with magical creatures, unique magical abilities, and an expansive history. There’s a crazy twist in the story towards the end that I just did not expect, and it really made the magical aspect just so fantastic and my feelings were just all over the place from happy to sad.

The Characters

Okay, the ending of the trilogy means off with the bad guys and happily ever after for the good guys, right? But like I said it’s not the happiest of endings, and I think that is one of the reasons why it’s so perfect. It’s just so desperately broken after everything has happened that there is no way it could be a happy ending. What we do get? Some redeeming qualities and info about characters we hate, and unfortunate happenings to those we love.

Mal was someone I just couldn’t stand through the second book, but was that Bardugo’s intention? There’s no way that anyone could believe that Mal was such a heart throb after all that went down in the second book. But I feel he redeems himself in this book. This is coming from someone who was constantly was messaging a friend that “MAL IS THE WORST”.

The Darkling is set up to be that bad boy we all secretly (and not so secretly) love. I know that I was holding out for him to be saved by Alina, and you know, I was really happy with what happens with his part of the story.

Nikolai. Oh, sweet Nikolai, can your book come any sooner please????? Everyone is ready for their favorite cinnamon roll to grace us again.

The Soundtrack

Banks – Alibi


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