35485383Rose Petal Graves by Olivia Wildenstein 

I received an advance reader copy in exchange for a fair review from Weapenry Co-Op via Netgalley.


So a girl comes home to dad. Meets a guy who’s actually a fairy…basically an evil-selfish type of fairy. She starts to like the guy even though they both know their relationship is going nowhere because of duh, circumstances. But still he’s uber hot, rich, and shows up when he’s not wanted. There’s another guy that likes her – but pass they’re just friends, and no matter if he is the only thing normal in her life she just doesn’t like him like that. Enter in another guy and he is sort of more human, but still has special powers. What are these powers? He’s a Native American who’s from a clan granted special power to counteract the fairies and keep them in check. And no matter how much he basically tells her to stay away, she still tries to force him to be her friend.


I think we’ve been here before. In fact, I know I have been here before.

Edward Cruz and Jacob Kajika are creating a mess in Cat’s life and she’s basically got to choose a life between them, because she’s too involved to turn around and pretend it isn’t happening. Also, she’s dumb and keeps entangling herself more and more between the several century long feud between these families.

Okay, so the book was mostly entertaining. And I mean entertaining in the way that you find shows like Teen Mom entertaining. You know it’s not great content…but you still get sucked into it. Besides the striking similarities to Twilight, there were parts in the book that just seemed too convenient (super powers, portals, long life, mind control) or didn’t even need to be in the book at all (mallow-faerie weed). The book also jumped all over the place we have been thrown modern world elements, fae elements, made up Native American elements, and familiar elements. I sort of felt like we had our fingers in too many pots and was trying to mix them together into a book that might have some meaning.

Our protagonist is a girl who makes awful decisions and just trusts these rando’s with their magic and whatever they’re doing. I mean, what the heck is even happening here? I would think I was a schizo based on everything that I was encountering.

I just couldn’t get with a girl who goes from one guy, then another the next day. That’s just beyond flighty. On top of that, it’s not like she has any REAL connection to either of them. Considering the circumstances, the fact that she’s even attracted to the guys is slightly demented. None of the characters are believable.

The book is named after rose petals in the graves that magically kept these Native Americans preserved in their graves. But that’s it – there’s no other meaning to them. It just makes for a whimsical sounding title. Let’s call the book what it is: Native American Zombie Hunters versus Narcissistic Faeries.

I can’t even put together cognitive thoughts about this book. Gatizogin (that’s made up Gottwa for sorry), but I just didn’t like it. Now while I may rant about the book, you have to remember that I still read it to the end, even with all the other dubious head shakes – that doesn’t mean I intend to read the second book though. Pass.



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