The rules:

  1. The book must have been read at least over a month ago, only once, and something you haven’t reviewed yet (duh).
  2. You must review the book without rereading the synopsis or other reviews prior to writing your own.
  3. Your past due review should include the following
    1. The date you actually read the book
    2. What you remember the book being about (your own summary or synopsis so to speak)
    3. What you remember liking or disliking about characters/setting/writing.
    4. What you actually felt or lasting impressions about the book.
    5. A meme or gif that sums up your overall impression or thought of the book

36430924Beneath the Citadel by Destiny Soria


Date read: January 17, 2019

6 (I think?) rebels break into the  citadel to find out why people are….going missing. They are rebelling against this society that is run by the premonitions. In a grand scheme they find themselves imprisoned in the citadel and sentenced to death for breaking in. Some of these kids have powers like…moving silver, or are very flexible/nimble. The hardest part about their mission is trying to stay ahead of the person that is predicting the future. As their plans develop they must figure out what they should do and what is actually leading them to their demise.

I remember liking how the idea of the futures premonitions and the ability to see peoples memories or take them was developed into the story. The magical aspects of the book was unique. The characters did seem to fit into molds that seemed forced, the rebel prodigy child, the friend betraying but not betraying, the reasonable one, the one with the dark past, etc. I don’t know, the characters didn’t actually feel special. I liked how smoothly the LGBTQIAP+ rep was interwoven with the characters, however, I didn’t think that switching of partners feelings would be that unmessy?

Overall, I ended up thinking the story felt like a fantasy version of The Minority Report movie with Tom Cruise. You know how there is a premonition of him killing someone and then he is making this effort to NOT make something happen, which only leads him into doing what they thought would happen. It’s hard to go against a future telling because does that telling kick into the reaction of a character trying to prevent something or change the future, or is the act of telling them enforcing that future?

Tom Cruise Psg GIF


I’m Curious  \ ^_^ /

Have your read this book?  What do you think of the Past Due Review? Know anyone who needs to finally bring about their FRTC to fruition?


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