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I have a small weakness when it comes to book related art. So naturally I am drawn to graphic novels with pretty artwork. I have read the entire Saga series up to date by Brian K. Vaughn so when I saw Paper Girls was a new novel written by him, I had to give it a try!  This is a different artist than his Saga series so I had a completely different feel from the first page. While this wasn’t quite as good as Saga, I was still instantly wrapped up in the story of the Paper Girls! I mean who doesn’t love a kickass group of girls who deliver papers in the 80’s with their neat-o jean jackets and walkie talkies? I almost got a feel of a female version of Stranger Things at some points in the story. (And I LOVE Stranger Things!!! Eep!)

The art in this is beautiful with the pretty neon colors that relate to the 80’s. I got caught up from time to time just staring at the pictures on the pages before I would flip to the next to continue reading.  I think sometimes I get so caught up in the story that I forget to stop and enjoy the art that goes along with it. It was nice that this was simple enough that it didn’t feel like I was missing anything, but still pretty and to the point.

The girls are all extremely unique with very different personalities, but all with the same job to deliver papers and to look out for each other in the process. I loved the little pointers they had for each other on who to stiff since they hadn’t paid their fees, and which roads to avoid at certain hours. Their camaraderie was fun to see progress as they are thrust into one adventure after the next.

It quickly turned very sci-fi with little explanation as to how things came to be, or what is exactly taking place. It all gets very confusing once the time travelers are introduced, most of which is actually better explained in later volumes but this was my main reason for the lower star rating. It was frustrating to have such a strong start to become so muddled once the action began. It wouldn’t take away from the plot if just a little more information was given in the beginning, and i think that made me like it a little less. All of Vaughns other story lines are beyond well planned and thought out, so I knew there would be a reason for the vagueness, but at the time it really bothered me.

In the end we are left with a cliff hanger that only makes you want to grab volume 2 and begin right away (which is exactly what I did). I am pretty sure I read all four volumes available in one night. I had to find out what happened after I got intr

o it! These would be a great into read in the Graphic Novel world because they are different enough to stand out, but still simple enough that they don’t overwhelm you. I really enjoyed this and will be continuing to read these as they are released!

Let’s Talk About It

Does anyone else love to read graphic novels mixed in with their full length novels?! There’s just something about the art to go along with the story that really draws me in. Do you all have any favorites? Favorite author, or illustrator? And for all those graphic novel veterans, what was the first one you read? Mine was Saga, and I was hooked from the start! Let me know about your experiences!


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