35424762Nyxia Unleashed (The Nyxia Triad #2) by Scott Reintgen

ARC received from the publisher via Netgalley for a fair review.
Publish Date: July 17, 2018


“We’re weapons. They made us this way.
And we’re coming for them.”*
*Quote obtained from an uncorrected proof and may be changed in the final version.

Now that Emmet and the rest of the genesis crew members have made it to Eden they discover that just Babel has more up their sleeve for them than just harvesting Nyxia. While navigating the tenuous relationship with the Adamites and the dangers that the planet presents the team must decide who they trust.

The Story

Picking up right where the first book leaves off the team struggles with what Babel has put them through to get there as well as adjusting to their new home. The crew carries on with their assignment while continuing to grow closer as a team as well as stronger with their skills with nyxia.

What really drives this story is the mystery. Not the type of mystery you would find in a thriller or a murder, but in the anticipation of a twist you just know is coming. And boy, those twists can throw you a loop. Though there was one that wasn’t quite wrapped up in this book so I am aching for the next book. Because, Scott, WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS??!

Anyway, the book is non stop as we are lead from uncovering secrets to fighting for their lives. This YA sci-fi book tackles more than entertainment but brings in themes that cover family (blood and the bonds that go beyond that), homophobia/coming out, war/genocide/death, large corporation takeovers, and so much more.

The World Building

Not only does Reintgen have a crew of multicultural kids, but has brought us a alien world that mirrors some similarities to the humans cultures but expanding with their own traditions, beliefs and society. The adamite society has sort of a rural feel but we are also introduced to fun new technology that Babel supplies which provides for a juxtaposition of it all that is smoothly introduced as the story progresses.

The planet itself is just so interesting from it’s double moons to its creatures.

The Characters

Since this book narrows down to just the remaining crew, we are allowed time to get to know our characters a little bit more. It’s still mostly told from Emmett’s point of view so it is still somewhat limited to his observations, but the bond that the crew makes goes deep and grows as they must rely on each other because that’s all they’ve got. I think my favorite part about these characters is that they are fierce and brave, but can still stop to mourn those that they lose.

If you’re looking for romance between characters there’s a few pairings in here that just work so well together. I didn’t expect it, but there is some heart wrenching scenes where they kids hold each other up emotionally with just a squeeze of the hands, a nod of their head, and even with just putting themselves in harms way just to save the other.

The Soundtrack

Portugal. The Man feat Richie Havens & Son Little – Number One


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