I went on this unexplained hiatus after being overwhelmed by the overall book reviewing thing. I was drowning in ARC’s that I felt terrible for not having time to get to, I couldn’t get those rising stats I aspired for, and overall just lost the spark and desire to read for over a month. Upon my return to the whole, I want to read all the books feeling, I came to realize that I fell into that hole that so many reviewers find themselves in. You know what I am talking about, you see it all over Goodreads, the infamous “FRTC” (Full Review To Come) I mean, ouch, I used to pride myself in reviewing a book as soon as I finished it so all my thoughts would be fresh. But, alas, here I am. Through discussion with Rae, we have devised a new meme for both of us to participate, and anyone else who may very well need it!

The Past Due Review

The rules:

  1. The book must have been read at least over a month ago, only once, and something you haven’t reviewed yet (duh).
  2. You must review the book without rereading the synopsis or other reviews prior to writing your own.
  3. Your past due review should include the following
    1. The date you actually read the book
    2. What you remember the book being about (your own summary or synopsis so to speak)
    3. What you remember liking or disliking about characters/setting/writing.
    4. What you actually felt or lasting impressions about the book.
    5. A meme or gif that sums up your overall impression or thought of the book

That is it! Feel free to participate or tag a friend who desperately needs to catch up on their own FRTC’s! Let us know what you think, as we always love feedback!


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