26114463Nevernight (The Nevernight Chronicle #1) by Jay Kristoff




When Mia Corvere’s father’s rebellion is squashed her family is scorned, her mother is put into jail, and she is sent to be killed. Except she manages to escape. Years later, she has goals to become a deadly Assassin with the Red Church in hopes of obtaining revenge.

The Story

The last time I regretted putting off a book for so long was, believe it or not, Illuminae by none other than Jay Kristoff and Amie Kauffman. So, let me just say that Kristoff is now an auto-buy for me. If I didn’t have a ton of books already going/scheduled to read, I would be reading book 2 right now. Alas, I am trying to be a good girl. Please note that if you are a Kristoff fan, this is not a YA book. Not only is there some pretty grapic smut but has a lot of violence.

Let me be frank. I started this book, and gave up within the first chapter. I was obscure and I didn’t quite understand what the heck was going on. So, if you are one like me, push past the first chapter or two, because that’s not really where the story is. The second time I went for it as a buddy read, so I had to get past it, and thank fully I did!

The story follow Mia as she goes from young girl to an assassin apprentice. From her first kill, to traveling to the school, to violent classes, to an incredibly gory end this book is fantastically bloody in all the right ways.

So what’s all the fuss about? First off all there is info dumping in such a unique way. Think of it as choose your own adventure info dump. As the story progresses there are footnotes that aren’t crucial to the book, but sure as hell make the world a whole lot more interesting, gritty, and well, shameless.

Trigger warnings: violence, torture, more violence. #stabstabstab

The World Building

This world has three suns that rarely set, hence nevernight. Frist of all, that’s cool. Second of all, the culture is built around that – from the religion to emptying out the jail system, so much revolves around these suns.

Like many fantasy worlds, there are some made up slang. I can admit that in my head I have said “Maw’s teeth” to myself enough after reading the book to prompt me to write an entire post (soonish) about bookish slang spilling into our own, real life.

One of the coolest aspects, and mysteries, is the darkin, which is what Mia becomes/is for the majority of the book. What I love so much about it is that it’s such a mystery what it really means and what it can bring in the book. Let me put it bluntly though, Mia has a shadow that is shaped like a cat, and said cat eats her fear. So she is pretty much fearless, what an awesome trait to have as an assassin. The best part about this bit of magic she has? It has a name and it’s own personality.

The Characters

Mia is amazing. She is by far one of my favorite characters I have ever read. But honestly, she would be nothing if there wasn’t a Mr. Kindly (the not cat). Not only would she not even be alive, but her personality would be completely different if she had fear. So many of her decisions is based off the fact that she is not afraid.

The Soundtrack

As Cities Burn – Thus From My Lips, By Yours, My Sin is Purged


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