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In order to prove to her mom that she’s not completely obsessed with the lake, Kate decides to join the podcast club at her school. However, quiet is chosen to host the podcast for the year, and though unwillingly at first, she actually realizes that she’s not bad at it.

The podcast is advice themed, and when she thinks her best friend’s crush anonymously starts calling in for love advice she does her best to hone them into their happily ever after.

The Story

Oh hey there, I remember why I like Kasie West again. Finally a book that was cute, but didn’t fall short on my expectations. Maybe it’s because the last few books of hers that I read I was underwhelmed, but this one brought me back around again. It has all those things that you read a Kasie West book for. A timid, inexperienced girl that is confused about her feelings, and has to confront a challenge. A boy (or two) with smiles and grins to make you swoon. A challenge with a friend that seems like the end of the world at the time, but is easily forgiven.

The Characters

Diego. All hail the smart boy! I seriously just love that he is a tutor, that his family has high expectations and that he can meet them, but would have to give something up about himself. I love how sweet and timid he is, despite the front of his confidence.

Kate. What a good friend. I love how she honestly just wants the best for her friend! I liked how she had something going on prior to the summer, so she actually had romance trouble from the get go, and it was really nice to have a character that wasn’t completely inexperienced in the romance category.

The Soundtrack



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