20613470Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3) by Sarah J. Maas



The King’s Champion has been sent to do more killing and she finds herself in a land she has never been, encountering forces she’s never seen, and facing the darkest parts of her past. Meanwhile, the king is still brewing up evil in Ardalan where the rest of our favorite characters are getting by.


The Story

I am so glad I am rereading these books before Kingdom of Ash comes out. These books are stock full of details that are important to the story at various points that knowing them helps you appreciate the story as a whole. It’s those aha moments that really make me feel like Maas puts so much planning into her books. This book really starts to feature what I think is almost her signature flair where characters are growling or purring sentences to each other, and things are clawing or scrapping at their thoughts in their head.

There are so many moments in this book that get me choked up. Celeana has her awful past that she has to face herself, it’s something she is continually beating herself up for throughout the book. This book is mostly about all the characters drawing their lines and deciding what they’re going to do. Celeana facing herself as heir to Terrasan. Chaol determining where his loyalties lie. Dorian controlling his growing magic.

Despite the fact that this book is almost just a bridge as the real conflict progresses, it is still so good! The pacing between the points of view keep you on the edge of your seat as you continue on to see where everyone’s story is going. There’s political intrigue as well as fighting monsters to keep you entertained.

The World Building

Finally, we’re out of filthy Ardalan. Well, mostly. We get follow Celeana over to a whole new continent full of fae warriors that are stronger, faster, and better than her as well as a whole horde of magical creatures to scare you out of lighting fires in the woods when you’re camping.

Basically the world is expanding. We are seeing new lands, seeing more depth to the magic and the wyrd keys, and of course the boss at the end of the level keeps getting bigger and badder.

The Characters

I love HoF because the cast really starts to broaden. On top of our already built crew that has been fractured we are introduced to Manon, Rowan Aedion, some of my favorite from the series, because they are flat out so ruthless and bad ass. Like take the worlds best assassin and just amplify it. These characters allow the story to fully expand laterally as their worlds start to become encompassed into story. The relationship between Manon and her wyvern Abraxos is just so perfect, it brings so much life to dragons. Then there is the odd friendship that Celeana develops between Rowan that borderlines closely to codependency that reflects how deep their new found bond goes. Aedion’s suffering for his people is questionably honorable, like how? All their actions scream loyalty, or as Celeana/Rowan like to say, to whatever end.

The Soundtrack

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