Frostblood by Elly Blake



While I was reading Frostblood, I felt like I had read it before. Like deja vu, but only because there were so many elements about it that made me think of other books. Here’s what you might find familiar from some other books:


-Two different blooded people pitted against each other (frost vs fire)

-A dark matter/being controlling someone

And of course other stuff that’s pretty common

sort of a love triangle

-girl with sad back story has life changing power

Okay, so what? So, there are a lot of familiar aspects in this book. I don’t even need to summarize the story because just pointing out the elements right there should have done enough for you. But it was still good! I enjoyed it quite a bit and am excited to see where the story takes us. Sure, there were a few romantic scenes that were almost cringe worthy in sappiness. But that’s okay, it worked okay in the book. 

Our characters were great. Between our little snarky fireblood who’s personality burns as hot as her power and a broody, scarred frostblood who gets the sparks flying. The dynamic of their relationship made the first half of book go by really quickly. 

My favorite part I think might have been the arena. Super gladiator-esque but with opposing elements. In fact, I thought most of the action sequences were very well done, and helped the pages fly by.


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