28512486Frost Like Night (Snow Like Ashes #3) by Sara Raasch




Snow and Ice and Frost above!!! We have finally come to a conclusion! This series, while I enjoyed it just seemed to drag on and on and on. I kept going back and forth trying to decide if I really enjoyed this enough to bump it up to a four star rating and for a while, I had it as 4 stars… But after reading so many other AMAZING books here lately, I felt like it really did all the rest injustice, so I bumped it back down to three. That said, I really did enjoy these books! There were just too many little peeves about them to let me fully enjoy them to the fullest.

In this final installment to the Snow Like Ashes trilogy, we start this book off exactly where the second one ended. To the very moment. I really like when books don’t leave a lot of time in between where a lot happens off the pages. So I was happy to begin right where we left off with Meira running away to Paisly to learn how to control her magic so she can defeat Angra once and for all. In doing so, she has decided to leave all her friends and loved ones behind to fend for themselves in the wake of Angra’s takeover. Great friend, huh? But luckily, she has some kickass friends who can take care of themselves and manage to get free in time before they are held prisoner or killed. Once everyone is safely away from the wrath of Angra and the Decay they are able to join forces with all of the seasons and rhythms that Angra has no control over to try and come up with a way to defeat him.

I had some issues with Meira and how she came about learning how to control her magic. For a while the beginning seemed to be progressing well, and Meira’s character growth was making huge strides. Through Rares and his Wife Oana’s care, Meira finally started to let go of all the hurt she had been holding onto for the past two books. And in doing so she could then let herself become what she needed to be and do what she needed to do in order to save everyone. But it wasn’t quite as simple as I just explained. My issue with this was that action scene with Oana and Rares and Meira?! I just got so confused and then after she has some breakthrough shes all of a sudden ready to go and do battle!? Like that’s it?! I just feel like there could have been so much more here. But alas, onto the rest of the story.

I was so happy that there were chapters of Ceridwen in this book!! I was worried as to what could possibly happen to her after everything went down in the court with Jesse in the last book so to have her chapters really kept the character development going and also gave a brief reprieve from all of the inner monologue of Meira and her constant back and forth on how she felt about magic. Ceridwen was such a unique character and I felt that she brought a lot to the story that we couldn’t get from any other perspective. So much was going on in so many different kingdoms that we needed the multiple perspectives to keep us up to date on all that was happening.

Mather made my heart happy in this book, finally getting his hearts desire and the true attention from Meira that he has always deserved. I just love him so much. He finally comes to the conclusion that he will win her heart now no matter what, and with jerkface Theran finally out of the way, Mather has  nothing holding him back. I love Meira and Mather as a team. The trope of young love all grown up is one of my favorites and I love to see it thrive. There’s something about when two characters have such a long history with each other that is very endearing to me, and I was happy that in this instance things worked out for the better.

I think my main issue I had was the constant back and forth planning these immense battles, so much talk of what they were going to do without actually doing anything but getting attacked when they least expected, and then I’m just sitting here like “why did I just read the last five chapters” because there is nothing I dislike more than sitting in on war planning conversations in books. I just want to either be surprised by how things turn out, or just read the action taking place.. When some of these chapters just seem to drag on and on and on and then it doesn’t even happen the way they have been plotting, I tend to get a bit frustrated. It just seems like there are so many better ways to go about this.

In the end I was happy with the conclusion to this story, and how regardless of all that damn planning, things actually do speed up and come to a good ending that doesn’t leave anything left hanging.  The characters have gone through so much that I am happy to say there is a happily ever after at the end of the war. I think if things had been a little bit smoother in the relay of the action and a lot less back and forth with the characters thoughts, I would have definitely given this book a 5 star rating. But there was just too much to take away from that perfect book feeling. I am happy that I continued on with this series to the end though, they were a lot of fun to read and I am satisfied with how they ended.

If You Liked This Book

21414439Truthwitch by Susan Dennard is a great follow up series to read after finishing the Snow Like Ashes trilogy. With lots of action, great friendships, elemental magic and so many similarities! Truthwitch will give your heart the bookhangover cure you are looking for and maybe even a new favorite series to dive into as well. I actually loved Truthwitch, and think its a great series to get into if you haven’t yet regardless of how you feel about Snow Like Ashes!



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Have you read this series before? What are some of your biggest peeves in books? Do you have a certain something that will ruin it for you? What about your favorite tropes? Do you have a specific trope that really speaks to your heart?! Let me know in the comments below!


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