23510085Fire and Heist by Sarah Beth Durst

ARC received from Negalley for a fair review.
Publish date: December 4, 2018



Sky Hawkins is a wyvern – a human that can change into a dragon and her life has been turned completely upside down. Her mom has gone missing, her boyfriend has dumped her, and her family has been shunned from the wyvern community. Leading her first heist just might set everything straight and lead her to where her mother is. Through her planning and execution Sky unravels more secrets than she set out for.

The Story

Dragons? Count me in, pretty much every time. I was super excited for shapeshifting dragons, especially from Sarah Beth Durst who delivered a fantasy that I have already loved (The Blood Queen). Unfortunately, this book was a huge let down for me. I loved the concept of this story – a young teen on her first heist starting her very own hoard, saving her missing mother, etc. But when it came to the actual story telling it felt quite bland. I was really hoping a lot more detail went into the actual heist planning and interactions between the characters, but it felt like a lot of this happened then this happened. Then half way through the paranormal contemporary turned into something completely different, and I was a bit thrown. I felt like a little more time could have been spent on the book and had it split into a duology, because the start of the second half of the book had a completely different vibe than the first. Thankfully it all came together at the end, so it somewhat redeemed itself.

The World Building

I liked how the wyvern world was interlaced with the human world. I was just a little confused on the openly justified fact that they’re constantly stealing form each other? I did like the idea of how the wyverns got there and what it meant about their life on earth. The security measures around their hoards were super fun and creative, but I really wish the heist itself didn’t go by so fast. In the end, it didn’t seem that secure at all.

The Characters

In Sarah’s previous adult fantasy novels I found her characters complicated and intriguing. However, I felt like in this novel they lacked any sort of depth. I don’t think having a novel be classified as YA should mean that she should lose that part either. For the most part I thought that the characters themselves didn’t really have much pizzaz or anything to make them memorable, let alone likable.

The Soundtrack

Marina and the Diamonds – Power and Control



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