37693552Evermore (Everless #2) by Sara Holland

ARC received via trade for a fair review.
Publish Date: December 31, 2018

Warning: Spoilers for Everless below.

Picking up exactly where Everless ended, we follow Jules on her escape from the Sorceress since her secret has been revealed that she is the Alchemist. Knowing who she is and that she’s lived so many past lives, eleven to be exact, Jules is at quite a disadvantage of not being able to access her memories and abilities, meanwhile her arch enemy Caro has had multiple life times to hone her skills and kill the Alchemist each and every time. But this life is Jules last chance to get it right and figure out how to defeat Caro, or she will leave the place she calls home in the hands of a crazed ruler who will stop at nothing to get her way. Unable to let this be the case, and with the help of Liam, Jules manages to escape Caro’s evil clutches more than once and starts a quest to find out how to defeat her.

I’ll admit, I wasn’t very fond of Everless and how the ending felt so rushed. Everything lead up to such a fast conclusion and it felt like it all ended right as it was all finally being revealed. I also wasn’t sure at first if there would be a sequel and I’m glad that there was because this book redeemed this duology for me. It was a perfect follow up to the ending that left you in shock from the first book. I needed so much explaining to happen and that is exactly what I got in the second book. Things finally started making sense and I found myself enjoying the characters more because I could finally understand them better. The magic system was sometimes a little confusing but I found that everything managed to clear itself up in Evermore. I also really enjoyed that you get to see a bit more of Sempera in this book because there is a bit of traveling. It doesn’t all take place within the castle walls so it feels like it was a faster paced read keeping up with all the different locations Jules manages to pass through on her quest to discover her old memories.

Jules was much better in this book as well, still as bullheaded and refusing to do whats best for her, she marches into quite a bit of danger and only manages to get out on sheer luck, So that hasn’t changed from the first book. But she does grow quite a bit by the end. And because of that, I learned to like her character a bit more. Although she is so fickle when it comes to Liam, and there were many times where I wanted to scream at her to just let him know how she feels!!! But that kind of suspense is also what had me flipping pages to find out what would happen next and hope that there would be a kiss in the future pages

Dear sweet Liam, he is honestly the best thing about these books. I wasn’t so sure about him at first when I started Everless. But then it quickly became evident that he was the one who would be the knight in shining armor. If it weren’t for Liam, Jules would have no chance of getting out of all the trouble she manages to find. And yet Liam comes to her rescue time and time again. I liked learning about his past more in depth in Evermore. We get to see where he went to school and his friends he made outside of Everless. How he is so smart when it comes to worldly things and how he might know more about Jules’ past than even she knows. I think that this book would have been nothing without Liam and I really grew to love his character.

Evermore ended up being a great wrap up to Everless. I feel like Holland did her characters and her story justice and tied up all the loose ends very well in this conclusion. I really enjoyed this book much more than the first and felt like without this book the series really is a bit lackluster. But the story was redeemed in book two, and for that I am happy I read this so I can conclude this duololgy on a good note. Its nice when an ending can leave you feeling content with how things happened. I finished this book with all questions answered and a feeling that things happened as they should. I like that in my reading. I want that ending that feels right, and this was it.

If you liked this book:

This Mortal Coil (This Mortal Coil #1)In This Mortal Coil and Everless/Evermore the main female characters are both discovering that they have a past that they know nothing about. And in each book they go on a great journey in order to find out what their past is and how they can remember all they have forgotten. Although This Mortal Coil is in a far different setting the root of the stories are similar and for that reason I feel like this is a good follow up book to read if you enjoyed Everless and Evermore.

Let’s Discuss

Have you read these books? What did you think? Did you like the way it ended? I like when a series wraps itself up in a nice neat little bow so I don’t feel conflicted after I finish it. I also like that there are a lot of short series like these duologies that have been published here lately. It keeps the story from dragging on too long in the first book but also gives us the ability to break the story up and get to enjoy the little details that they can include by adding another book to the series. Do you like series or stand alone books better?


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