33385230Even the Darkest Stars by Heather Fawcett



They climb a mountain.



The Story

I was really looking forward to this book. When I picked it up I said to myself, “Mountains, Gandalf! Mountains!”No joke, I like to quote LOTR aloud quite a bit. But you know what? That’s all that there really was to this book. Sure there was actual story going on in the background, but in the foreground? Climbing, hiking, snowing, falling, climbing, mountain village, mountain peak, valleys, forest, snow shoes, rope, rocks, etc. THEN at 90% the story changes, you get some answers from the questions that are just danced around through the beginning, and then it’s all “to be continued” in the next book. WHICH I REFUSE TO SUFFER THROUGH. I cannot believe I didn’t DNF this book. It was literally putting me to sleep every night. I would read two pages in bed and would doze off! If it was good, I would have had problems falling asleep because I would be so absorbed in the book. Frustratingly though, it wasn’t!

The World Building

I don’t mind the superficial magical world building that was involved in this book. But I do mind the fact that there were dragons in this book and they were basically just used as lamps. I’m not joking! I thought, ooooh dragons. But they weren’t anything but flying torches!

The Characters

I thought all the characters had really superficial personalities. Everyone had their skill and that was all was pressed upon. Either they were a good or bad shaman, a good or bad climber, or were just there for filler.

The Soundtrack

Mew – Snow Brigade


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