Earth’s End (Air Awakens #3) by Elise Kova




Vhalla is at the front lines of the war and as her magic grows so does her fame. More than one source is out for her death, but her spirit and magic is earning the respect from the other soldiers. Her relationship with the crown prince is getting stronger yet is as tenuous as it has ever been in the face of the sovereign.


The Story

This book is such a tumult of emotions. I’m not sure if I ever went through so much swinging of whether or not I ship certain characters or not. I thought I might get bored with this book, but Kova kept me intrigued by not only the more political aspects that are being brought in, but the continued addition to the magical elements that Vhalla has to discover as well as the advancement of her powers. The relationship almost hits a stalemate but, oh man, it gets a little heart wrenching. The ending though, had me shooketh. How could Kova just end it like that? It’s not as cliffhanger-y as the second book, but definitely left you wondering how the story was going to progress.

The World Building

How is it that we’re into the third book but still get a lush set to work with. I love that the world building is advanced with the magic and culture that is brought in. Kova is so good at building such a colorful world within such a dreary situation. I love getting to know more and more about the magic and the crystals in this series.

The Characters

Could Prince Aldrik be more of a wanker? Spoiler alert, he’s in love with Vhalla, but his terms of endearment towards her got old really fast. Like seriously dude, chill ouuuuut, because no one likes someone that clingy. He does have some incredibly sweet gestures, but sometimes he can also be a complete ass.

Vhalla deserves so much more than what she is handed. She is such a queen and incredibly powerful. Like seriously girl, whip these fools off the face of the earth and do your thing.

The Soundtrack

Fleurie – Hurricane


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