36257994Down with Love (Laws of Attraction #1) by Kate Meader

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When Max’s brother announces that he is getting married, Max is at first on guard. As a divorce lawyer, he has seen it all, and he just wants to protect his brother. In comes the wedding planner Charlie Love. Not only does she challenge Max to be a supportive best man, but also challenges his belief on love and whether or not he can find it.

The Story

Told from alternating points of view this is the sort of romantic story that gets you frustrated when the two characters just don’t communicate properly and you get angry because they just wont admit their feelings. I mean frustrated and angry in the best way. Having the two opposing professions sets up the story for a great hate-to-love trope that isn’t exactly hate, but definitely the clashing of personalities until the tension is so high it’s like a rubber band ready to snap.

The fact that the story revolves around the wedding of Max’s brother gives it a definite beginning to end timeline that is easy to follow. I honestly thought there would be a lot more going on that involved the wedding planning with Max helping along with that.

Overall, the story was super quick but cute read.

The Characters

Charlie isn’t limited to the waiting for the right man keeps her legs closed type, so it wasn’t necessarily a stretch for her to eventually get together with Max (no spoiler there, duh of course they do). What I like about her is that she has a back story to her her temper and her personality, such as her appreciation for baseball.

Max comes off as the typical wants to get into someone’s panties type of guy in the beginning. I can understand why he was adverse to long term relationships, but he sort of comes off pretty sleazy in the beginning and it definitely was a turn off. Thankfully,  he has that character arc to support the romantic element later. Still, I had a hard time cheering him on the entire time.

The Steam

I don’t normally include this in my reviews, because I just don’t read too many books like this. But seeing as this is on par with the romantic smut novel I should probably dive into it since, you know that’s one of the key elements to this sort of chick-lit.

I would say that the steam level is pretty decent. The tension really just builds and builds, and you really don’t get any sort of relief till about the 50% mark. Now is it the best, most mind blowing scene? Nah, probably not, but it is definitely maximized by the fact that you’re forced to wait so long for it.

The Soundtrack

Hailee Steinfeld – Rock Bottom


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