18373213Crazy Rich Asians (Crazy Rich Asians #1) by Kevin Kwan



When Rachel Chu’s boyfriend asks her to spend their summer vacation in Singapore she is not prepared for the secret he’s been keeping. He’s rich. Crazy rich. And now she must learn to function amongst the Chinese billionaires as she is rolled into their drama.

The Story

Whoa, I finished this book a long time ago. So here I am writing up a review way too late. I started this book with a couple girlfriends at work so that we could have a girls night to watch the movie (more on the comparison later).

This book is told from a lot of different points of view. Like a lot. Be prepared to try to keep track of who is related to whom, and who is richer than whom. There’s an entire social ladder that gages on who so and so is married to and how much their net worth is. Amongst all of that everyone has some kind of drama. Even the characters that manage to stay out of magazine spread seem to have some sort of sketchy agenda. They’re all a bunch of conniving superficial characters. The main character Rachel seems to be the only one who doesn’t have some secret or obsession with money.

I honestly thought all that drama might pull the story along really quickly, but there were quite a few instances that felt like it dragged on. I got stuck on chapters of characters I didn’t actually care anything about and it made for a harder read. I had to switch to the audiobook (which is pretty good because you get all the accents) to push to the end. By the time I finished I was happy that I got to the finish.

There are a lot of footnotes to help anyone not familiar with all the Chinese terms and factoids follow along with the book. To be honest, it got a little tedious tracking all of them. Some of the information was really interesting, including for me of course the language aspects like the slang, but I sort of wish that the terms that were used were just evident through reading the surrounding information. There was also a lot of time describing food, and surprise surprise superficial things like what everyone is wearing, driving, living in. A lot of skimming over name brands and the such went on.

The Characters

Even though there are like 10 different points of view I am going to talk about just Rachel. Dude, this chick is tough. I can’t believe all the crap she put up with for so long. Serious endurance. I just love how much self worth she has for herself and how she doesn’t get too intimidated by all these rich people. Yes, she is amazed by it all because duh, she’s common and grew up with a single mom who struggled to put her through school. So yes, she takes the overwhelming aspect of her new found surroundings and adapts and tries her hardest to do what is expected for Nick. & Nick? I don’t think he deserves her.

The Soundtrack

Bomba Estéreo – Money Money Money

**OKAY, I know this song is Spanish and doesn’t really fit with the Chinese bit, but if you knew the translation of the words you would know that it fits very well.**

Movie Adaptation

Now while I am often miffed like most readers that a movie didn’t follow the book to a T, I was actually quite alright with the changes that were made. I thought it made the events flow a lot more, and added a lot more comic relief to the story. Overall, I thought the movie was super cute and worth seeing if you like that genre.



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