Whoa, my dear followers, I sincerely apologize for this incredibly sparse last week. I had something come up in my life, and had a serious blow. It was one of those moments where you set your expectations pretty high, and you don’t get exactly what you want…or don’t get it at all in this case. I honestly spent the last week in a pretty foul and angry mood and I am sure that I wasn’t my usual ball of fun to be around. I am incredibly thankful to my friends, family, and most of all my husband who were both patient with my mood but uplifting and encouraging at the same time.

Not only did I have the emotional support from the people around me, but my BuJo helped me stay pretty structured…as much as my mood had allowed me to. Obviously my work was mechanical and to be honest, I almost ended up calling in to work because I worked myself up so much I had a stomach ache and a raging headache. There is something about structure and regularity that I find incredibly important in keeping someone balanced. (that being said, I don’t mean never branching out to try something new). Anyway, long story short, checking my BuJo on a daily basis kept me mostly focused on what I actually needed to get done. Without further ado…

Week 10 Filled in Spread

Per requests, here is what my weeks end up looking like.


Week 11 Spreads


Since this was such a lame week for me, I really didn’t fill out my “to do” section much. It actually was hard to really pin point a good time I had. I’m so glad I have moved on from my angry self!

Week 12 Fresh Spread


I hate whipping out the white out, because the markers just don’t work as nice over it. So when I mess up in my bullet journal, my writing becomes a lot more bold. Hence, the giant numbers and letters of the week. I am really enjoying this spread because it actually helps me visually see how much time I actually have. This next weeks filled in will show it a little bit more because I am using the erasable markers to fill in the time blocks.

I’m Curious  \ ^_^ /

Do you like my new spread? Do you use your BuJo daily? Have any fun bujo hacks?


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