Six of Crows (Six of Crows #1) by Leigh Bardugo



A gang of misfits undergo the biggest heist of their lives.

I’m not going to do a regular full review here. This book has been out for ages, and I feel like it’s been reviewed to death and then probably poked with a stick.

First things first. I first started this book 3 years ago. I read about 50 pages and was thoroughly confused. It was then that I realized that this book was set in the world from a different series. Thus, I embark on my long adventure of getting through the Grisha books. Now, don’t get me wrong. I did really like the Grisha trilogy. While you don’t have to read them before reading SoC, let me just stop you right there and say, yes, you should. The world building will make so much more sense. They’re very different types of fantasy and stories so don’t expect the same thing when you go from one to the other, and if you did read SoC first, it’s not the end of the world, you can go back and read Grisha now, nothing was really spoiled for you. Or at least, nothing that is importance, or that you will probably even remember.

So the second time I started the book I actually understood that there is this huge fan base for this book, so expectations were high. I had my prior research (Grisha trilogy) read and was keyed up and ready to go. Except, I wasn’t. I wasn’t in the mood for it, and I did that thing with the ARCs, you know what I’m talking about. It’s what brought my blogging demise on. ANYWAY, low and behold I didn’t have enough time, and the first 50 pages…were sadly not enough to hook me.

On to the third and successful time of reading this book. I started this book in January, you read that right. JANUARY.  Thanks to my friend Emi who encouraged me to just keep going. Because…11 months later I finally did it. First it was the ARC problem….then it was the slump…then it was the I-put-my-dog-down-I-don’t-want-to-do-anything-depression slump. I had the book at work and I read very slowly, about 3-5 pages maybe a week. And here we are. I finished. I texted Emi (and of course Rae) did a little dance, and thought to myself, I am going to do a review of this GD book.

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Yes, I liked the book (obviously, I gave it 5 stars). But am I going ape-shit wild for it? Nah, I’m okay. It was good. The characters are gritty and the action was fun. But that was it. The whole appreciation for the book is for the development of the characters, which takes the entire book. And I think that’s where we might lose some readers. Yes exciting things are happening, but you don’t really connect with the characters until you get their full history and just how effed up their pasts have been. That’s okay, its a slow burn character build. Here’s the thing, once you’re there, you are there. Like Kaz, you are such a scoundrel, but I want to wrap you up like a baby and rock you to sleep (obviously not touch you directly). Hooray for morally grey characters we get to cheer for.

The world building was mostly done in the Grisha books, but it was really nice to have different areas developed. From The Barrel to Fjerdan country had a stark difference of dirty street life to a beautiful fast snow covered landscape. There was no sense of lacking when it came to the setting of the book. The complexity of the fortress they were breaking into made it so I was flipping back to the front map repeatedly until I gave up and just took the story as it came.

Overall, I am very glad I pushed through, partly because I can enjoy the fandom and know what people are talking about. But also in the end I did really like the book. Was it worth the effort and extra tries? Yes. Am I going to start the next book right away? No, I can spend 11 months next year pushing through Crooked Kingdom.

Let’s Chat

First of all, sorry I have been MIA (see reasons why I didn’t read this book). I wont be posting regularly as my spirit for reading and reviewing is still on life support. But I’m still here, and *fingers crossed* picking up books again. I feel a change in the way I review and if I settle on that, I will let you all know.

So have you read this book? Did you like it? Did you try it and give up like me the first 2 times? Let me know! I’d love to hear about it.



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