23214382Part Time Cowboy (Copper Ridge #1) by Maisey Yates



Sadie has never been settled down, but on a whim she decided to sign a 5 year lease on a property to start a B and B in her home town. Unfortunately, the property is owned by the Garretts, none other than one of the brothers that arrested her right before she left town. Despite their constant bickering their mutual attraction has sparks flying and sexual tension high.

The Story

Oh gosh, this was cute. I am still no my little cowboy kick and by recommendation came across Maisey Yates, and I am here for the ride. I think the only thing I would have hoped to change is probably seeing the end wrap up a little less rushed. However, it is a series, and the next book will hopefully have more Sadie and Eli so I think it will be okay. Steam level was just right and not too raunchy. I loved watching Sadie and Eli’s attraction.

The story did confront some darker issues as well. Trigger warnings include: alcoholism and abusive relationships. These issues weren’t major plot points just bits of background story that compelled the story forward. I really liked that there wasn’t really anything acting against Sadie and Eli that was external, the only thing they were fighting against was their internal demons.

The Characters

I love characters that have a past, but don’t constantly bring it up. In PTC both Sadie and Eli have pasts that haunt them and dictate their actions. As they grew close they let those pasts push them away from each other too. Once they were able to confront those pasts they actually started to grow the most. I loved how innocent and straight laced Eli was. His kind and caring character made for that ideal cowboy to save the day that we desire, even when he fell short in his goals.

The Soundtrack

Tenille Arts – I Hate This


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