Tigers, Not Daughters

Tigers, Not Daughters by Samantha Mabry

ARC received from the publisher for an honest review and Blog Tour participation.
Publish Date: March 24, 2020

A special Thank You to Algonquin Young Readers for sending me a beautiful ARC of this book! I also received a finished hardcover that I will be hosting a giveaway for later on my instagram @Raezinreads.





I have read Mabry’s other book, A Fierce and Subtle Poison and I remember it being beautifully written and magical much like the feelings I got while reading Tigers, Not Daughters. Mabry just has a way of writing where even though it might be full of poetic phrases and instances that border on the unbelievable, its still seems so vividly real. This book was a little bit different in the sense that it dealt with some very heavy topics, but at the same time it was also such a beautiful story that centered around the bond between sisters that can overcome even the hardest times.

After the death of their older sister, the three younger Torres sisters must learn to deal with their grief and all that comes with such a huge loss. Told from multiple POV, you get to know each sister and other important characters that all play a role in the story in their own way. As things begin to happen around the house that can only be from their sister Ana, the girls come together in the most unlikely of circumstances. With little bits of magical realism and some spooky aspects, this book was a treat to read and kept me coming back for more.

In the letter written from the author that came with the ARC, Mabry writes that the line “Tigers, Not Daughters” is a phrase from Shakespeare’s King Lear and that in the play it is used as an insult. But she wanted to find a way to make this as a praise. She also mentions how some parents deserve to be disobeyed. This struck me hard when reading this book because I think she did the title justice by creating three strong willed sisters that find the strength in each other to face all the difficulties thrown at them and learn to heal from their emotional wounds. And they definitely have a parent that deserves to be disobeyed.

I think that this book will strike home in the hearts of many people young and old, and it has aspects that can speak to us all. Even with the tougher topics, Mabry has elegantly told a story that will keep you intrigued and make your heart feel for the vivid characters and all they go through in the span of these pages. Make sure to take note of sone of the topics if you have particular triggers, but know that they are all dealt with in a respectful way that didn’t leave me feeling icky or put off. This book might be just what someone needs. To learn to heal, and move on even in the most difficult circumstances.



The Author

Samantha Mabry

Samantha Mabry credits her tendency toward magical thinking to her Grandmother Garcia, who would wash money in the kitchen sink to rinse off any bad spirits. She teaches writing and Latino literature at a community college in Dallas, where she lives with her husband, a historian, and a cat named Mouse. She is the author of A Fierce and Subtle Poison and All the Wind in the World. Visit her online at samanthamabry.com or on Twitter: @samanthamabry.



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