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Ruthless Gods (Something Dark and Holy #2) by Emily A. Duncan

ARC received via NetGalley for an honest review.
Publish Date: April 7, 2020




I love how gory and dark and bloody these books are. They definitely aren’t for the faint of heart. Once you get into the world and fall in love with the characters its all you can do you to blast through to the end just to find out what could possibly happen next.

I had to reread the first book because for the life of me I couldn’t remember a lot of the major details. And I found myself getting hung up on some of the same issues I had with the first book while reading Ruthless Gods. It feels like the main focus of these books are the dialogue. There is a LOT of dialogue and because of that, a lot of the transitions from one scene to the next seem to get muddled up in the storyline. I would find myself going back and rereading entire chapters because I had no clue how they got where they were, or who a certain character was that popped up. It gets a bit confusing when they are either having a lengthy discussion or straight into action scenes. The descriptions just aren’t there and because of that I had a difficult time really connecting with the story.

Aside from that, I really do enjoy these books and think that even with the hang ups, they are still worth the read and are every bit as dark and twisted and lovely as they are promised to be. I loveeeeee the relationship between Nadya and Malachiasz. Their up and down and all over the place passion for each other pulls at my heartstrings so much. I canNOT get enough of them. Even though it feels like all that hard work and effort to get them to finally admit feelings for each other in the last book is put on the back burner for quite a bit of this book, we still see that fire that they have. And they make sure to let the other know exactly how they feel about it. It cracks me up how Nadya is constantly thinking to herself how she shouldn’t like Malachiasz but then in the very next scene they are making out in front of their whole group, yet again. But ahh young love, can’t live with it and obviously can’t live without it…

I think what’s really done it for me in both of these books are the twists and wow moments that you just don’t see coming. These books are far from predictable and there is so much happening its hard to tell where the story will go but by the end you are so blown away all you can do is just sit there for a minute and take it all in. I will definitely be keeping up with these books to find out how it all ends. The only thing I wish is for more detail in the last book when it comes to descriptions or transitions between scenes. It gets really frustrating and confusing trying to figure out where I missed how things progressed. But that also might just be because these are the authors debut books. Hopefully these little kinks will get ironed out as she grows as an author. Highly recommend either way!



If you liked this book:

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I found myself thinking back to a lot of the folklore and vocabulary in The Bear and the Nightingale while reading Wicked Saints and Ruthless Gods. They both seem to have the same origin of characters and a lot of the same type of magical realism that this book has. I would highly suggest this book if you are looking for something similar. Although The Bear and the Nightingale is significantly less bloody, you still get that magical and dark feeling as you do in Ruthless Gods.




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