40240685. sy475 Finding Mr. Better Than You by Shani Petroff

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Publish date: January 14, 2020



It’s senior year and Cam is ready for a fun filled year before her and her long time boyfriend Marc both head off to college at Columbia. But a week into the school year and her guidance counselor is letting her know that her prospects at getting in are pretty low. To top it off, that very same day she’s dumped by her beloved. Navigating her breakup is hard, but she doesn’t give up. Now, making Marc regret breaking up with her is at the top of her list. Right next to adding extra curricular activities to get into her dream college.

The Story

This story is not exactly what I was expecting. I mean the first 25% or so is primarily dedicated to Cam being dumped and her immediate reactions. And while the synopsis generally says she’s going to get even with Marc by basically making him jealous by snagging a new guy who’s better…that’s not entirely what this book is about. I honestly thought there would be a little bit more interaction between her and the guys shes going after. Most of the story is what she learns about herself outside of relationships and how she realizes what she was like while in one. It’s definitely a story about finding yourself rather than one about dating. So don’t let it fool you like it did me. Don’t get me wrong. The lessons she learns are actually good. It’s hard enough to figure out who you are, and possibly quite harder when you’re trying to morph who you are while you’re in a relationship.

The Characters

Coming from a solid middle class with fairly strict parents I found it a little hard to connect with some of the characters. Almost every college they were hoping to get into was Ivy League. Which I understand wouldn’t have been completely out of reach had I actually applied myself, but come on…I mean…come on. Anyway, I always find it absurd that kids have all this money to constantly be going out, albeit to diners, to eat and hang out. Shoot I can’t even eat out that regularly as an adult. Where do kids get this money? Okay rant over. Sorry, I’m poor.help me im poor kristen wiig GIF

Okay, anyway. I did enjoy that each of her friends had her own thing going on. They broke the whole cliche clique mold a little bit. But there wasn’t a lot about any of the characters that made me think, gee, you’re amazing. Don’t get me wrong, people don’t have to be or do amazing things to be great characters. However, they could just be written better. The guys were about as interesting as a door stop and just as memorable.

The Soundtrack

Kelsea Ballerini – Miss Me More


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