30075662Aurora Rising (The Aurora Rising Cycle #1) by Jay Kristoff and Amiee Kaufman

ARC received from publisher for a fair review.
Publish date: May 7, 2019


When Aurora is rescued from her ship out of cryo-sleep she finds herself in a space she doesn’t know because it’s 200 years after her ship was lost. With a band of misfits that makes up Squad 312, Aurora will find that though she’s a miracle for surviving, there is someone or something that doesn’t want her to exist. 

The Story

If you can omit the formatting from Illuminae Files you can almost imagine this book being an extension or spin off series to the trilogy. But if you were a fan of The Illuminae Files and you were just hoping for the same feel or type of book, you are in luck. When I jumped into AR the only thing I could really remember was something about elves…in space. I think when jumping into it, it’s important to remember that though it feels like Illuminae, not to expect the same story, same characters, same format.

Told from alternating POV we get to know the misfits that make up Squad 312. Each character has their own personality and contributing specialty to the team. The only person not part of the squad is Aurora. The story follows the characters and is pieced together with action filled moments, snarky comments, and the occasional lingering romantic look.

The World Building

How do you make space feel original or unique. There really isn’t much new when you’re reading about space, space ships, etc. What I loved about this book was the unique organisms/races in this book. My favorite bit didn’t really come until later in the book where we encounter a world that has this plant life that has me wildly reminiscing Annihilation, though I never read the book, only watched the movie (which was weird, a little boring, and the musical score was rather inconsistent–but this isn’t about that let down). ANYWAY, what I did like about the movie was the visual aspects, and there was a bit of there that inspired my imagination while reading this. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, think whimsical-overrun-greenery over buildings with a feelings of eeriness…and wrongness.

The Characters

This hodgepodge misfit crew will give you some serious Guardians of the Galaxy vibes. Not in a rip off way, but in all these unique characters and different alien races put together all contributing some of the key trope-y characters. I am always here for a bunch of throwaway characters that overcome what is expected. Who somehow manage to band together despite their differences and the challenges they face. No one wants to read a book where everything just runs smoothly.

The Soundtrack

Lambrinth, Sia, Diplo, LSD – Heaven Can Wait



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