34044126Anything You Can Do by R.S. Grey



“The truth is, we’ve always been this way I am the Annie Oakley to his Frank Butler and I firmly believe that anything he can do, I can do better.” 

Daisy has been competing with Lucas her entire life. Taking up a position as a doctor in the only family doctor in her home town is one more way she can get the one up over him. That is until she finds out that he will also be working there. Their childish antics resume while the sparks between them start to fly.

The Story

I read this in one sitting. It was a quick, easy read and had quite a few laugh out loud moments. I love the old, hate-to-love trope, and I blame Mr. Darcy for that. Now while it was similar, I wouldn’t say it was as good as The Hating Game, but I would also still recommend to fans of it. I for sure will be checking out more books by Grey.

I only dock it a star really for some of the medical aspects that really bothered me. Really though, it’s the same sort of irks that happen when I watch any type of show with a medical setting. I am not going to point out the specifics but there were a few medical fallacies and a whole lot of medical unprofessionalism.

The Characters

Daisy is really funny. I loved reading all her ridiculous ideas of how to challenge Lucas in a way that she could win. Since there were a few featured, I really wish we could have read more than just three of Lucas’ e-mails. However, I also think it was an easy way of showing his feelings —I did appreciate the home videos towards the end that supported it though.


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