23127048Air Awakens  (Air Awakens #1) by Elise Kova



Air Awakens is the story of a library girl, Vhalla, who learns she has air magic, making her a Windwalker. Her naivety to the magic causes her to be fearful of it rather than proud of what she is – the first Windwalker in about 150 years. Vhalla soon starts to research more of the history of magic as well as learn more of her capabilities as a Windwalker. All the while she is entangling herself with the Crown Prince Aldrik who’s affinity is with magic.


The Story

Being the second time I have read this book, I still found it incredibly enjoyable. I love how the magical world isn’t something that is revered by the common folk, but rather feared, and it is through that fear that the story is lightly wrapped around.

The World Building

Since Vhalla didn’t really know much about magic, the world building was seamlessly intertwined with her own learning. There wasn’t a lot of info dumping all at once as her life still went on as she slowly was engrossed deeper and deeper into the magical world. There was enough history and magical ability learning that helped layout the life the Vhalla had.

The Characters

You know what is so great about this book? As it’s resolving, someone points out to Vhalla all her annoying faults as a character. The major one being how easily she trusts people and was basically clay in their hands, molding to exactly what they want her to be. Aside from her magical abilities, can we just point out that she basically has all our dream jobs of working in a royal library sneaking off to read all the time??

As much as I love this book, I can’t give it a solid 5 stars because it annoys the crap out of me whenever someone grins a lot. Prince Aldrik was either pressing his lips into a straight line or curling his mouth into a grin. Enough, stop mentioning his eyes and mouth. He is more than that!


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