Age of Myth by Michael J. Sullivan

“A terrible reckoning is still on its way. We as a people stand atop a precipice, backed up to the very edge. We have no choice. We must find the courage to fight for our lives even against those we once thought to be gods.”


Age of Myth was all the embodiment of epic fantasy. Beautifully constructed history, world building and characters Sullivan gives a story of bravery, companionship, and magic.

Many paths converge in Age of Myth. As several different stories collide normal humans find themselves heading into a war with the Fhrey, or the Gods. The small stories build to create one interwoven story. Starting with Raithe and his father encountering and killing a Fhrey, causes him to be a nomad, spreading his story as The God Killer with his new ex-Fhrey slave companion Malcom. Persephone, loses the title of chieftan’s wife as her husband returns from an unsuccessful raid against a great bear that has been ravaging her village. Suri, a young mystic, comes to Dhal Rhen to warn Persephone about her mentor passing and events to come.

Despite the length and an entire world being built, I never felt overwhelmed. Sullivan does a wonderful job of painting a stunning world rich with landscape and history. With a classic trope of power-driven villains, the dynamic of multiple stories comes together gives an original world to escape in. The story itself does drag a little and is a bit lengthy…but it sort of still worked. I just had to take a break a few times. The fact that the Rhune (human) sides of the stories are broken up by the Fhrey stories helps breaks up the monotony of the story. Still, this is the only reason why I give 4 stars, instead of 5. The story could have used a little more ummph to get through the long journey. Something to break up the scenes a little better and keep me coming for more.

The characters in the book were very well thought out. Every single person has their own history that compels their actions and personalities. There isn’t a waste of character either, they each have their own role, and each contributes something to the story as well. My favorite was Suri. She is such a bad ass and I mean, come on, she has a wolf for a best friend. She is brave and enchanting at the same time and I want her to be my friend too.


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