Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together. This week’s prompt is Characters I’d Like to Switch Places With, and I actually switched weeks with Scrill so I could do this prompt because this is one I’m going to love to do!! I’m all about the characters in the books I read so here goes!!



Even though the saying says not to judge a book by its cover, I’m guilty of this one on a regular basis. I’ll even sometimes go out of my way to get a specific cover of a book. I can’t help it when they are so pretty!!! A bad cover can also be detrimental because we all know those covers that we wouldn’t be caught dead in public reading.


Considering its the first thing you read when you pick up a book a Title can make all the difference. Here lately in the YA world it seems like there is a trend for titles and they all get a bit redundant after a while so when you find that one that stands out from the rest it always sticks with you.



There have been times that I’ll pick up a book not knowing anything about it except for the author, and that’s all I need sometimes to know that I will love that book no matter what’s written inside! (cough cough ** Victoria Schwab, Jay Kristoff, Leigh Bardugo**  cough cough).



I’m a sucker for a beautiful Hardcover. I have a pretty nice book collection and if its hardcover then its MINE!  I got this super expensive obsession from my dad (Thanks a lot Daddio) and there’s no turning back now! I will from time to time get a paperback but theres just something about a Hardcover that speaks to my book lover’s heart.



I Like Big Books and I Cannot Lie! Well depending on how big I do tend to gravitate towards the larger books for some reason. I think that way I know I will have plenty to read and keep me entertained for a while to come. Lately since getting into ebooks and audio books though, this doesn’t tend to matter quite as much. But there is something about holding a giant monster book in your hands and seeing all the crazy looks you get from people who obviously don’t read like you do!!! haha 🙂



There’s no sugar coating my obsession with book maps. I don’t know what it is other than maybe the fact that its an indicator the author is about to transport you to another world? But there’s something that draws me to every single book that has a map. If I see a beautiful map in the beginning of a book its almost always an auto buy for me.



Try as I might to stay out of the hype, I sometimes can’t help but listen to what others are saying about popular books. Especially when its one that everyone loves. I find myself reading reviews ahead of time and wanting to know what made everyone love a particular book so much. Eventually I get dragged in and will let this persuade me to buy a copy of said hyped book, and most of the time I’m happy with that purchase! I mean that’s what we are all here for, right? To promote the books we love!


Sprayed Pages

This is a new obsession of recent discovery. I’d say that this just became a popular thing in the past year or so. I’ve seen books with sprayed edges on their pages for a long time, but it seems like here lately its become a huge trend and I’m not going to lie, I like it 🙂 I am a fan of the colorful pages and pretty books. I even took up learning how to spray the edges of my books myself and have successfully made quite a few of my books extra special! Its an eye catcher that makes a book stand out for sure.


Collectors Edition

Here’s the one that gets me every time!!! I love special editions and collectors editions. They are always so beautiful and special and most of the time are very limited. I can’t help but want them all!!! I also like that some of them have special features, like additional chapters, or deleted sections so it feels like you are getting even more of the book you love.


Signed Copy

Lastly, we all love finding those signed gems in the bookstore! I feel like I’ve won the lottery if I pick up a book I want and what do you know, its signed?!!! That book is then mine forever!!! Especially now with all the awesome editions that are signed coming from book boxes, I feel like I have an entire signed library! Its always fun to bring authors and readers together with special things such as this.


Lets Discuss

This was a really hard topic to come up with ideas for but I think I did it justice. What are some things that make you want to pick a book up? What are some of the things that make you not want to? I’d love to know what you think!



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