This a meme that we have started here at Vicariously & Voraciously in attempt to organize our thoughts for all the books we are currently reading. This is so we can update the status of how far along we are in our current reads, how we are liking it so far, and any other general current updates on the books as we read them. Feel free to use this prompt to keep your currently reading status up to date with us! It can be used weekly, once a month, or as often as you like.  We love to see what everyone is reading and what they think!


40367270Four Dead Queens by Astrid Scholte

Current Status: 2% (ebook)

Yep, had to renew the Library rental of this one for the third time now because I just can’t seem to get out of this slump lately!!! I do feel like I’m on the upswing though. I really think that this will be a great read and I honestly can’t wait to get into it more so that I can start appreciating the book. But I’m still so far behind on all my other reads that this one keeps getting the back burner. I aim to get into it more starting beginning of next week.





40696973Once & Future by Amy Rose Capetta & Cory McCarthy

Current Status: 55% (Audio book)

Not sure why I decided to start listening to this one, but I have some really big mixed feelings about it. I want to like it but it seems so bogged down by trivial drama and unnecessary romances that its hard to follow the plot. I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again (not every character has to have a romantic pairing- it’s okay to be single!)  Hopefully all the awkward intros are out of the way now and we can get on with the story. Still… King Arthur is such a well known story that you have to be careful and do it justice otherwise you will have some angry readers. We’ll see how the last half holds up.






37545571King of Fools by Amanda Foody

Current Status:  5% (ebook ARC)

YAY! I’m happy to finally start this one! I’m a little late (as always) but I anticipate this being a quick read once I’ve gotten into it a little bit. (the bonus of waiting too long to read an ARC is now I can get the audiobook and fly through this one.. hehe) Which is exactly what I’ve done. I just got the audio book and I plan on knocking out as much of this as I can this weekend!!! woo hoo!





Let’s Discuss

Its Derby Week in Kentucky right now and so things are pure chaos everywhere you turn. From festivals and chow wagons, to parades and hot air balloon races, you can feel the excitement and anticipation for the big race building up among all of us Kentuckians. But for the locals it usually means a way to work a lot of hours and make the big bucks. I’ll be babysitting for one of the Jockeys racing in the KY Derby so I’ll be cheering on the horses from the comforts of a million dollar home 🙂 Casually reading my book during the kids nap time and after bedtime, I’m pretty excited about it if you can’t tell! I hope that all the excitement of the big week rubs off on my reading and gets me racing through these books! Do you feed of the energy around you? Does it effect your reading habits? Let me know whats going on in the lives of my wonderful bookish friends!


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