This a meme that we have started here at Vicariously & Voraciously in attempt to organize our thoughts for all the books we are currently reading. This is so we can update the status of how far along we are in our current reads, how we are liking it so far, and any other general current updates on the books as we read them. Feel free to use this prompt to keep your currently reading status up to date with us! It can be used weekly, once a month, or as often as you like.  We love to see what everyone is reading and what they think!


35843937The Caged Queen by Kristen Ciccarelli

Current Status: pg. 19 of 400

I think its no surprise that I would jump straight into this book after finishing The Last Namsara last week. The ending of book one was everything and while I’m sad that this book follows a different main character than Asha, I am still excited to get back into this world and see it from Roa’s perspective. I think it will be interesting to know what all Roa had to give up in order to get her people to help rid the kingdom of the Dragon King. I am only a couple of chapters in at this point, but I’m already hooked.



37693552Evermore by Sara Holland

Current Status: 100% (ebook)

I just finished this one today actually! It took me a little while to understand exactly what was going on with the magic system in this one. There is a lot that starts to tie together the first and second book in this one and it doesn’t make much sense until the very end. I had caught onto where it was gong about 60% of the way through and it flew from there on. I liked this one much better than the first book because it seems a little bit faster paced. I also tend to find myself more interested in books where the characters are on the run, and this book did not disappoint! I’ll be writing a full review for this soon so

keep your eye out!


39863517White Stag by Kara Barbieri

Current Status: 4% (ebook)

Still at that 4% mark. I didn’t get any reading done on this one this week sadly. But I will be picking it up now so I can knock it out before I start the next ARC on the list!





Let’s Discuss

How was your week of reading this past week?! I didn’t get quite as much read as I would have liked, but I’m still happy with what I read. Both books I finished this week were quite enjoyable actually so I call that a win! What are you reading? Any suggestions on books for me to read next? I’d love to know whats on your mind!


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