This a meme that we have started here at Vicariously & Voraciously in attempt to organize our thoughts for all the books we are currently reading. This is so we can update the status of how far along we are in our current reads, how we are liking it so far, and any other general current updates on the books as we read them. Feel free to use this prompt to keep your currently reading status up to date with us! It can be used weekly, once a month, or as often as you like.  We love to see what everyone is reading and what they think!


36430989Descendant of the Crane by Joan He

Current Status: 100% (ebook ARC)

This was honestly a struggle for me to get through, I just posted my review yesterday since it was published yesterday so go check that out  for a more detailed description of all my feelings towards this book. I really wanted to like it but it just wasn’t for me I don’t think. It was very political driven and don’t get me started on the romance 🙁 It was awkward and pretty much non existent. But all in all it wasn’t a horrible book, just really really not for me.




41157965Mirror, Mirror by Jen Calonita

Current Status: 68% (ebook ARC)

This will be finished tonight!!! It actually was published yesterday but I’ve been falling a little behind on ARCs this past week, Descendant of the Crane literally took everything I had to concentrate and get through so all others were on hold while I barreled through Descendant. But luckily this one is a quick read if not an interesting one. I know that when reading ARCs you sometimes have to deal with formatting issues, but this one is by far the most difficult to decipher. One in about every four or five pages looks like it was cut and pasted randomly all over the page so when you read it nothing makes any sense and you end up reading halves of different sentences all mashed up into one big messy jumble. So basically I skim those pages to get the main idea of what its trying to say and then onto the next page in hopes that its in the right order. Things like this tend to trip me up a little bit and so I’m struggling with that but I’m bound and determined I WILL FINISH THIS BOOK TONIGHT! I’m so close!!!


40556417To Best the Boys by Mary Weber

Current Status:  2% (ebook)

Unfortunately still just on the first page of this beauty. I’ll be starting this as soon as Mirror, Mirror is done because my dear sweet library book expires in 4 days!!! AH! lets hope this one is a quick read!!! lol






31574408Traitor to the Throne by Alwyn Hamilton

Current Status:  9%  (Audiobook)

Still also in the same place in this one as well. I don’t know why I haven’t been listening to it while driving and whatnot but I think its because when I try and get through a book I struggle with, (Descendant I’m looking at you…) then it takes all my focus to comprehend what I’m reading. But when I love a book its like breathing to read or listen so those take little to no effort and time and its easier to read multiple books at once because I’m so familiar with the characters and plot that it isn’t hard to differentiate them in my mind. So now that I’m out of the hole so to say for the difficult reads, I’ll be getting back into this audio book asap 🙂




Let’s Discuss

Have you ever read a book that took all your effort and concentration to get through? If so what book was it? What are you reading right now? Anything worth giving a shout-out? I’d love to know what’s going on in your book worlds!!


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