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(which books haven’t been talked about as much or haven’t been marketed as strongly that you think deserve some recognition?)


I love a good retelling, especially when its from the villains perspective and this book is by far one of my favorites. In it we learn how Captain Hook became the notorious evildoer we know today in the story of Peter Pan. But before he was evil, before he was even captain he was just a boy trying to find his place in life. I have never really seen this anywhere else but at the little bookstore where I picked it up. It deserves so much more recognition tough because it was SO GOOD!



22749539This is one of those books where after you finish it you just have to sit and think about what you just read. And how perfectly everything came together in the end. This book follows the story of a harmonica. Yes you read that right, a harmonica! And along the way we see how the harmonica impacted a number of different lives in different ways and how each person went through their own life experiences before passing the musical device onto the next person. I loved this book and wonder why I don’t see more of it out there.



123557Don’t let the size of this book deter you! while it sits just under 1000 pages, it honestly feels like it isn’t enough once you get to the end. This book reads like a video game and getting to each level is a journey of its own. The pacing is quick and rarely lulls, but has enough story in there as well to keep you completely entrapped within the pages just trying to figure out what could possibly happen next. I have been meaning to pick up another book by this author to see if they are any good but haven’t made that leap yet. Regardless this one was amazing and definitely a hidden gem.



3301978I wish I could shout it from the rooftops how much I loved this strange, weird little book. Unlike the pick above, this one is a very short book that you could most likely read in one sitting. I did! But that doesn’t take away from the uniqueness and odd story that dwells within its pages. I loved how poetic the writing was, and how you were never really sure what was real and what was elaborated. The setting and the characters are all so whimsical it literally takes you away to this precarious house on the edge of the sea. I love this book so much and find myself picking it up from time to time just to dive back into the setting.



This is another strange little book that caught me off guard how much I enjoyed it. While it reminds me of a younger audience version of Silence of the Lambs, it still manages to capture that eerie feeling of communicating with a known serial killer. The young boy in this story begins writing to a serial killer who was said to have killed his uncle in order to try and find where his uncle’s body is buried so that his Nan can finally rest easy knowing that her son isn’t out there somewhere still while his family mourns his loss. But things are never as they seem and Steven uncovers a lot more than bones.


12996183This is one crazy adventure packed in one book. What starts out as just a group of every day students, somehow ends up in mysteries and murder. This book was neat because you get a lot of travel and history crammed in with the who-dunnit. The pacing of this book is super fast paced as you try and solve the mystery of the Latin translation and also what is happening in real life as well. I could not put this one down and found myself thinking about it long after the last page. I don’t see much of this book anywhere, or the author, but it definitely deserves some recognition.



7514925 This is one of my favorite side stories from Peter Pan ever! I loved Tiger Lily in the original story so when I found out that there was a book specifically for her story I HAD to read it. And I was not let down in the least! Because before Wendy came around, there was Tiger Lily and Peter Pan. And their love story might be even sweeter than the one we all know and love. This was a beautiful story with so much background to Neverland that we don’t hear about in the original story. While it may have a slightly different take on things as we know them, it doesn’t take away from the beautiful story told in this book.



10626594Why isn’t everyone shouting at the top of their lungs how amazing this book is?!! It could be my strange obsession/ love for all things Maggie Stiefvater, but I absolutely LOVED this book and will push this book on anyone and everyone I know until my dying day. It blows my mind that it isn’t more widely known and that it isn’t at the top of everyone’s favorite list. The scary sea horses, the sweet love story, the race of the year. What more could you want from a book? I couldn’t put this book down and I can safely say it is on my favorites shelf just waiting for a rainy day to read it again!



20727654Talk about a book taking you by surprise. I got this on a whim and was not expecting to fall absolutely in love with this series as much as I did. I have always been big on origami and paper craft so when I found out that there was a book about magic origami I was all in! I couldn’t stop there though, once finishing this book I immediately bought the next two in this series and read them just as quick. These are great reads and Charlie Holmberg has become one of those authors that no matter what she writes I feel the need to read it because I know it is going to be great!



29743933If you’re looking for that perfect blend of creepy and folklore then this is your one stop shop. I have been keeping up with the Yarnsworld Series books as they are being published and not only is the author really fun and cool to talk to (I am reading the ARC for the fourth book in this series right now) but these books are so unique and amazing as well! I love the back and forth between the story and the chapters of the folklore to go along with the story. It adds such a different feel to what is happening in the plot and how it connects with the history of the world that it all takes place in. Each book even though its in a series can also be read as a standalone, but trust me you won’t want to skip any of these books, they are all so good in their own ways. And you also see some of the stories or characters or places popping up in the later books so its nice to know how they all tie in together. It blows my mind yet again that these aren’t more widely known and I think that this is the biggest hidden gem of them all!

Lets Discuss

What do you think of my picks?! Have you read any of these? Do you think you’ll pick any of them up now to see what they are about?! I highly recommend that you do, because these are all some pretty amazing books :)!! Let me know what you think in the comments below!


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