Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

So this one is a little bit on the more difficult side for me, so I am going to include some of my favorite BookTube channels as well as some fun book websites, and then Scrill helped me with a few good bookblogs that she follows and hopefully we can round up ten good bookish blog/websites/booktubes for you all!

book_roast's profile pictureThe Book Roast

Even though the name of her booktube sounds like she might be roasting or criticizing the books she reviews, she’s actually nothing but sweet and happy. She is a big Harry Potter fan and hosts quite a few HP themed readathons even some cool monthly readalongs for your NEWT and the OWLS exams. I enjoy all of her videos and find myself getting caught watching them for hours when I should of course be reading! whoopss! She is also a big advocate for mental health, and for that I think she deserves all the recognition in the world. We sometimes get so caught up in the day to day life that we forget to take care of ourselves, and its nice to have a reminder to do just that.

A Dash of Ash

Speaking of bubbly and happy, A Dash of Ash will have you smiling right along with her book reviews, and book box unboxings. I love the energy she brings to her booktube and her love of books shines as well as her smile. I always seem to have the same taste in books, so I generally like to watch what she has been reading to get some good recommendations.



This is another really fun booktube channel! I seem to find myself not really watching her book reviews as much as all the fun side bookish things she posts such as dressing up as favorite characters for a week, or a list of all the favorite characters in books who have died, and so many more. Its fun to see something different on a booktube channel that can catch your interest other than just book review after book review and Emmmabooks definitely has that!

NovelKnightnovelknight's profile picture

This is one of my favorite go to websites. Not only is this one full of awesome book reviews and author interviews, but there is one special part to this blog that keeps me frequenting it on a regular basis. Her list of pre-order incentives is quite possibly the main reason for my visits to her site on a weekly basis. I love how thorough the list is, and that you can easily find them all in one place which makes me a happy book buyer :)!


Book Dragon Lair

This book blog is run by Peachy 🙂 and she is one of my favorite book bloggers out there! Not only is her site full of amazing book reviews, but she also has some cool pre-order incentives listed, AND she also helps run The Book Box Sherlocks site where we try and guess all of the upcoming books in all the crazy amount of book box subscriptions there are out there now! Her happiness is contagious and she always has a magical way of knowing what a book is by such a vague descriptions its uncanny! She also has such a similar taste in books to my own that I love seeing what she’s been reading and what she has loved so I can get good ideas as to what I might want to read next!

HowlingLibrariesDestiny @ Howling Libraries

Destiny at HowlingLibraries is not only an amazing book reviewer, but she also has the same birthday as me and Scrill! It always amazes me how one person can keep up with all the reviews and blog posts that she does, but somehow she manages! I love her blog and find myself going down the rabbit hole of reviews because we tend to have the same opinion on what we’ve read. And on top of all of that, shes a mother as well! This brings my level of respect up so much, because raising mini humans is no easy task, and to do it so gracefully while keeping up a successful blog is beyond impressive!

meltotheany's profile pictureMeltotheany

I think that I first started seeing Melanie the most through goodreads. I am fully convinced she has some sort of reading super power, because every time I look up a book I am considering reading, Melanie already has a review up for it months in advance! She also has a successful blog, twitter, and instagram page! Her reviews are helpful and really honest which I appreciate. I need to take a page from her book when it comes to writing my reviews on time though! #goals

Lifeofaliterarynerdahyperboliclife's profile picture

I had the awesome pleasure of joining a group buddy read with Danielle this month actually! I really liked our fun little group and had a lot of fun in the process! So its only fair that we give her blog a little spotlight here! She is a fan of many of the same books as myself, and I always find it fun to see what others thought of the books that I have read. You can also find her on twitter, instagram and goodreads!


Another book blogger named Rae?! I’ll take it! While this was one that Scrill recommended for me to add, I can see why! She not only has a good amount of book reviews, but I also have a weakness for book box unboxings! Its fun to see what comes in each box and all the unique goodies that go along with the book! I also love that Rae is another mommy book blogger. It amazes me how these ladies have enough time to raise their kiddos while keeping up with so many different forms of media and reviews and the tasks of every day life! Keep up the good work!

Justanotherbookinthewallanotherbookinthewall's profile picture

Kelly is another suggested bookblog that I actually quite enjoy! I find her reviews and memes to always be right on point. I also look forward to her book picks and have been writing a few down to pick up at a later date and give a read myself! I like that she also adds more than just the usual same old same old to her page with answers to blog questions and bad reading habits, etc. This really introduces you to the blogger you’re reading about and helps you get to know them, which is always a plus. Its neat to get to know the minds of other book enthusiasts!

Lets Discuss

What do you think of my picks?! Are there any that you would add?! I’d love to know who you follow regularly! Its fun to find new book friends out there :)! Let me know in the comments below!


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