Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Without ever reading the synopsis for any of these authors, I will always want to just buy the book. Now mind you, I don’t have the funds to buy multiple copies from all these authors, but I can assure you, I love them still the same. While I do often get ARC’s on the books, I still do my best to support the authors by purchasing a copy as well. While there are a few that are the big name authors, there are a few newer ones that I am just over the moon for their books already that I am ready to throw my money at them.

Jay Kristoff

I know I came into the game late, but after reading Illuminae Files I knew I had to have more. While I do love his writing duo partner, Kristoff has wiggled his way to my top favorite writers. I am literally starting an ARC of Darkdawn the third, and final, installment to his Nevernight series today. I even delayed reading my copy of Godsgrave just so I wouldn’t have to wait to read between the books. I have his Stormdancer series on hand for whenever I actually have time to start them.

Mary E. Pearson

Three reads later, The Remnant Chronicles is still one of my favorite series. I still remember when I got Rae to read these and decided to read them again, because I couldn’t just listen to her gush about what was happening, I had to experience it all over again. I continue to enjoy her spinoff series and can’t wait to see where she leads it.

Susan Dennard

I am obsessed with the Witchland series. I have read through twice, participated in Susan’s traveling Bloodwitch ARC that as a reader I got to annotate in, downloaded the Discord app just to chat along with other witchlanders and enjoy her e-mail list every time she sends something out. If you’re a fan of her books or even just a writer I recommend her e-mail subscription. She sends out little blurbs and updates about her books, sneak peeks, and then has an entire section on writing craft. Sooz is one of my most favorite and interactive authors I have encountered and I just adore her for it.

Elise Kova

I fell in love with Kova’s writing with the Air Awakens series, but was completely floored by The Loom Saga. Not only does she write such vast fantasy worlds, but I would buy her books for the covers alone. The artists that she works with for her covers are so talented! Not only that, but Kova writes so fast! If you get addicted to her books you really don’t have to wait long in between book releases (my poor wallet!).

Sarah J Maas

Okay, I haven’t even finished either of her series, but I have all of them. I intend to read them…some day, when I have time….But I don’t think I really have to disclose why she’s even on this list.

Amanda Foody

I am obsessed with her Shadowgame books. I don’t know what exactly draws me in so much. Maybe it’s this seedy life that seems to have absorbed Enne. Maybe it’s the narrator that did such a fantastic job on the audiobook? I just love the world it’s set in, and it’s diverse and morally grey characters trying to do their best.

Tricia Levenseller

I barely missed an opportunity to see this lady in Seattle, WA and I am still kicking myself for not making it (granted I was coming 5 hours across the state to see her). I read her debut book in one solid sitting (surprisingly on a different trip to Seattle-which I had just an hour left to finish when we arrived and I told my husband that vacation didn’t start till I finished, LOL). I don’t care if the book is about mermaids or vikings, I am going to buy the book if it’s by her.

Helen Hoang

I honestly don’t typically by chick lit novels. Mostly because for the most part they’re good for one read for me and I’m done. But I love the complex autistic characters that Helen writes (#ownvoices) and I appreciate the relationships that she builds through them. Not only that, but she drew in some extra bonus points with me on her second book by drawing in personal heritage. I cannot wait to see what she brings in with her 3rd book.

Erin Hahn

I blame part of my great slump of spring 2019 on this lady right here. It wasn’t so much of a slump as much as a I don’t feel like reading because all I want to do is listen to country music. No joke, I went from not listening to country music to a big fan. I just went to a rodeo this last weekend because all this country made me want to just be around some cowboys. Not only that, I went on a short spree of needing more cowboy-ish romance books because of her debut book You’d Be Mine. I can’t wait for her next book which will have more homage to my roots in more punky emo music.

Sally Thorne

My heart! I put Sally’s book on hold after I read Sarah J. Maas’s subscription email saying that she had read it a few times in one year. I thought, dang this must be good. Months later when I finally got a digital copy from the library at 10:30PM on a Saturday. I stayed up till 1AM reading till I realized I needed to go to bed to one appreciate the book, and two be awake for church. However, while I was at church I was on my phone purchasing a physical copy because I just knew I would want to read it again and again. Again, I told my husband the rest of my day couldn’t begin until I finished the book when we got home from church. To this day the book is the most loved book I have in my library as I have pushed it on to so many friends to read it. I mean it, the cover is box taped to the book because it was dangling off. I was fortunate enough to receive an ARC of her second book 99% mine and loved it as well. Can’t wait for more.



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