Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

Without ever reading the synopsis for any of these authors, I will always want to just buy the book. Now mind you, I don’t have the funds to buy multiple copies from all these authors, but I can assure you, I love them still the same. While I do often get ARC’s on the books, I still do my best to support the authors by purchasing a copy as well. While there are a few that are the big name authors, there are a few newer ones that I am just over the moon for their books already that I am ready to throw my money at them.

This week’s TTT is a freebie, and I chose to do a Thankful for Family post. So I am going to be sharing books that feature a strong family dynamic (literally and figuratively family). Family is incredibly important to me, it’s definitely something you can chose, and yet again, have no control over. You get what you get as far as blood relations, but it’s up to you whether you keep those relationships going or if you chose to even adopt new family.

40032033. sy475 Sisters of Shadow and Light by Sara B. Larson

Okay,  I know I just read this one, and maybe this is what sparked my idea for this freebie. Who knows. What I do know is this, the bond the sisters have in this book is fantastic. I admire how much they just want to protect each other and just overall spend each of their fleeting moments getting to know each other. The dynamic between them in the beginning is gut wrenching enough as one sister is desperate to have just a few moments with her sister that is not cognitive of what is happening all the time. It is rich with sibling love and I just couldn’t put this down.

39679076House of Salt and Tears by Erin A. Craig

This dark retelling is pretty freaking awesome. Along with the whole mystery of whats happening to the sisters, you’re also hoping that nothing will happen to any of the others. The sisters themselves have all been living most of their lives in mourning (as per the timeline in their traditions) and so they haven’t had much fun. The book is rife with creepy vibes and imagery.


27883214Caraval by Stephanie Garber

Going against all your own personal rules while trying to save your sister, simultaneously having by far the most intriguing day/adventure of your life? Count me in. I want to see the magic of Caraval.


16096824. sy475 A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas

Remember when your sisters were complete useless a holes and you had to provide for them by hunting in the dead of winter? No? Well, here we have one badass sister who through it all, protects her sisters to a fault, despite how the lack of appreciation. In fact, I’m not even sure if they ever said thank you. Ever.

2767052The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

Can we not forget the one unsuspecting character that ran up and volunteered as tribute to a battle royale in order to save her sister from having to participate? Forget the political aspects, and anything that happens in later books. Katniss volunteering for Prim is everything.

34848810. sy475 Instructions for a Secondhand Heart by Tamsyn Murray

How about some survivor guilt after your perfect twin brother dies and leaves you, the inferior sibling, reeling from the loss. How about you fall in love with the boy who has his donated heart?

35140574. sy475 The Diminished by Kaitlyn Sage Patterson

Here is this fantasy world where most people have twins. What happens when your twin dies? You freaking go crazy. Bat shit, violent crazy.

27774758. sy475 An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir

The whole point of this story was for Laia to be rescuing her brother. What she attempts in order to rescue him brings out a bravery she didn’t think she had and her actions are key to toppling an oppressive society.

21414439Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

Initiate. Complete. The thread sisters/brothers life that Dennard builds in this world is just so *insert hands panning out perfect scene emoji here*. I seriously just love this concept and how such big moments in lives connects people in unique ways.

36896898. sy475 Spinning Silver by Naomi Novik

I’m actually not going to point out the fantastic siblings in this book, but the family aspect as a whole. The MC of this bends over backwards taking on collecting debts from those her father just can’t bring himself to take back from. What she does embarks her on this dark fairy tale story that puts pressure on all relationships between the families it involves.


Okayyy, I know a lot of siblings books. There’s so much more that I could have chosen, but obviously I can’t pick them all. What books that have strong or unique families that you would be thankful to have did I miss?


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