Top Ten Tuesday was created by The Broke and the Bookish in June of 2010 and was moved to That Artsy Reader Girl in January of 2018. It was born of a love of lists, a love of books, and a desire to bring bookish friends together.

I am going to do a mix of items here of stuff I want more of as well as items that I don’t have at all.

  1. Giant book shelf with a rolling ladderYeah, I know, I entirely blame Beauty and the Beast for this. all I want is to swing across the shelves spreading my arm out as I try to decide what magical world I want to visit.
  2. A personalized signed book
    I think I could probably buy one? But I honestly have never had the opportunity to go to a book signing to get a book that says “To Scrill/Priscilla *insert message here”
  3. Funko Pops
    Again, something I could easily buy, but I just don’t have. I particularly want an Anne of Green Gables Pop.
  4. Hogwarts House Clothing Apparel
    I sometimes feel as if I am the only person who doesn’t wear my colors proud. I mean, doesn’t everyone put their house in their profile? Well,  someone knit me a yellow and black scarf because I need to rep that I am a proud Hufflepuff.
  5. Bookish tattoo
    Okay, if I say what I am going to get, please don’t copy….So I have 3 tattoos that are in my future. 1- “j” on my left 4th middle phalanx, 2-a right thigh sleeve tattoo of various flowers, and 3-a left thigh sleeve combining maps from my favorite books.Okay, enough of stuff I don’t have. Here are things that I just need more of.
  6. Mugs
    I use these constantly, and I love switching them up.
  7. Sleeves
    I typically don’t take my physical books out of the house, but sometimes I don’t have the digital copy, and it’s those moments that I want to slip the jackets off and carry them in whimsical or themed book sleeves.
  8. Prints
    My husband is an artist so I have a serious soft spot for bookish art. So far I have acquired some incredibly art of The Cruel Prince and my husbands piece of Sarai from Strange the Dreamer.
  9. Totes
    m’goats. I know I just said I don’t bring my physical books out that much. But I still like to carry things. And I certainly carry a lot of things. So gimme all the totes. Especially the ones with bookish quotes.
  10. Pins
    When I was younger I liked to think I was fairly punk. And I sure did collect pins of my favorite bands to sport on my Jansport backpack or on my denim jacket that I wore to the local punk show. So you better believe that that habit has stemmed to adulthood and my collecting of bookish things. I am more likely to preorder a book if the incentive is a freaking pin rather than any other perk…unless it’s going to be signed or a cool special jacket (Like Spinning Silver, that was great)

Lets Discuss

What are your favorite bookish items? What type of stuff can you just not get enough of? Do you have any bookish tattoos, if so what are they?


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