For International Women’s Day, pick 3 female authors that have released books and you read this last year that you admire. Whether it’s their writing, their community and interaction with their fans, or for just being a kick ass woman.  Post your picks on March 8 and please be sure to link back to our tags/memes page if you do. We have a tag for each month of the year, feel free to check them out for the future as well.

Scrill’s Picks

First of all, it was incredibly difficult to pick my favorite female authors this last year. I have a few that immediately pop into my mind, but the ones I chose were particular to this year, not to just my life in general. They may not be the most international, but they provide me a diverse world to dive into, and I appreciate all that they have achieved to bring me their stories. Each one of the women that I have picked have fantastic books, have all had 5 star ratings from myself, and have all blown me away with their creativity and ingenuity in their writing. I highly recommend any of their books!

Helen Hoang

I start with Helen because with her debut book I was completely blown away. She wrote an amazing romantic book that not only reminded me of the relational difficulty of those with Autism, but that first impressions and history does not define a person. I love the culture that is included in her book and cannot wait to start the next one!

Roshani Chokshi

This lady here has brought out such amazing stories to me. Not only does she write diverse characters she brings to life cultural influences and folklore that I haven’t encountered in YA fantasy before. I started with her Star Touched Queen series and was enraptured by the world building she provided. Not only does she give me my favorite bit of fantasy (wb) but also creates fantastic characters that are diverse as the world she brings. Her latest book Gilded Wolves even included a half-Filipino that had me internally screaming for seeing fellow Pinoy written into my favorite genre. You never quite know how much your own personal rep means until you suddenly realize you haven’t been repped yet.

Christelle Dabos

I don’t know quite a lot about this lady yet, and mostly because I don’t speak French. BUT, her book series is one of my new favorites, and I have only read the first one so far! Truly, when I read A Winter’s Promise I wasn’t quite sure what to expect. Since it was a translation from a French book, there weren’t any reviews I could read and understand so I was going in blind. Albeit, blind into an award winning book…that did not let me down one bit. Unlike anything I have read before, I was transported to a new world where I physically felt anxious for the character and what she had to endure and accomplish. I look forward to reading the series as it gets translated and am even planning on buying a copy for my French speaking BFF for her own enjoyment.

Rae’s Picks

The Women I’ve picked are a mix of authors that have all had books out within the past year, and one author I couldn’t do this post without putting on here. It’s so hard to only pick three when there are just so many great women authors out there who have given me some of my favorite books to get lost in to this day. I wouldn’t have a love for books without amazing authors like these and I’m happy to share my picks with you! Hopefully you will be inspired to read some of their books as well 🙂


Leigh Bardugo

From her very first book, Shadow and Bone, I knew that this was going to be a favorite author of mine. Now I’m gushing over the beauty that is King of Scars and I can’t wait to set aside some much needed Bardugo time to read it!!! The way she writes transports you to another world completely and I love that she has such a strong vision for her setting and characters. It really is a whole world unto its self… The Grishaverse! I love seeing how she’s become so popular lately because she deserves every bit of it. I couldn’t make this list without adding her on here.


Somaiya Daud

I read her debut book, Mirage for the first time last year when it was published and fell in love with her writing. She is a firm advocate of own-voices and it is very prominent throughout her writing. She is also extremely intelligent with a lot of school and degrees, she claims she wanted to stay in school for as long as possible, and I have so much respect for that. You can tell in Mirage just how much planning and plotting and care went into her first book. The author interview I’ve heard of hers also explains how she use her own mixed heritage to put some real aspects into her fantasy world filled with poetry and tons of culture. I can’t wait to read more of her writing and fully respect her as an author and strong woman.


V.E. SchwabVictoria Schwab

I mean could I even call this a favorite women author post without Schwab?! I found my love for her books a little over a year ago with This Savage Song, and then promptly found all other books written by her and devoured as many as possible last year. She is such a diverse writer, from middle grade, to young adult, to adult. There isn’t anything she can’t write! I love how her characters are all so unique and individuals, no two characters seem similar, and from one fantasy world to the next each book contains a whole new experience. I can’t get enough of her writing and I will continue to read her books until she quits writing them.



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