Hello lovelies!

After talking it over, we have decided to take the month of December off. Both Rae and I have been suffering some serious book and blog slumping. So we want to take the month off to recoup, read at a leisurely pace, do holiday things, etcetera. Please don’t be worried, we are both healthy and fine. 🙂

While we were planning on doing #dARCember2018 it wasn’t realistic for us to have many posts for you as it is, because a lot of those books wont be coming out for a few months, so the reviews would have been prescheduled for then. So in the meantime, I hope you guys stick around with us through this hiatus.

Coming January, we are hoping to have transferred everything to the full domain along with a fresh look/layout. We do have a lot of plans for next year as far as blogging goes, including a monthly wacky holiday tag (like the ones you have seen previously on here) as well as possibly a yearly challenge. We will of course resume our weekly posts as well which include the bullet journal spreads, Top Ten Tuesday, Book Juggle, and have two new tags that we will be introducing that we are excited to share.

Both of us will still be active on our Goodreads, Twitter, & Instagram in the meantime, so please don’t be a stranger on there. We hope you all have happy holidays, and we look forward to reading and blogging with you all next year!!!


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