Recently I was introduced to Trello, an organizational site/app, byKelly (Another Book in the Wall), and it has since changed my whole life. First of all, you guys know I love lists, organization, etc and was therefore drawn to the use of bullet journaling. I’ll admit it, bullet journaling is a lot of fun but takes a lot of work. If you’re just doing it the most basic and standard way, sure it doesn’t take long. But let’s be real, the majority of us are using it in ways that evolve from the original idea and that is taking away time. Albeit, I am taking the creative aspect out of the whole thing, but I am actually not that artsy, my husband is, and I often was disappointed in the end result anyway. The beauty of Trello is the fluidity and customization of everything once you’ve already put it down. I can shuffle, archive, rename anything at any time…without having to adjust a bujo spread or wait till the following month to make the adjustment.

So, here I am about to share you all the ways that Trello has changed my life recently in the organization of my blog. One of the best things is that I can set it all up on my desktop or my phone and they’re easily interchangeable. Both the site and the app are incredibly user friendly. There are upgrades that you can pay for, but the basic is free and has plenty to offer as it is.

The real asset for my use in this is that I get to share this with blog partner, Rae. In real time we can update what we’re doing, comment on each other’s specific ideas, have a working calendar so we aren’t stepping on each other’s toes on posting dates and what we’re posting when. I no longer have to scroll through miles of text messages to find out what she said about a specific book, post, etc.  because if she makes a comment relating to the blog I can jump on Trello and add the comment into the correct list/card/whatever. Or she can do it directly herself, because this is the modern day and age and I get a notification if she comments on it.

Trello in a Nutshell

It’s basically lists. You know how on pinterest you can have a board and then you pin stuff to the board, and you can share it with people and comment on it etc. It’s sorta…the same, but entirely different.

The basic set up is this General Board >> List of things >> Cards of said things. You can rearrange the lists and name them whatever you want etc, but it’s the cards that really become dynamic (at least as far as the basic stuff goes, mind you). The cards can have attachments, links, comments from shared users, due dates that associate with a calendar, gifs/images, and so much more etc.

That’s pretty much it. I can probably keep going on and on, but we all know you’re not here for that. If you don’t know what Trello is yet, I highly recommend checking it, watch some videos etc.

My Blog Trello Board

Okay, so I am not going to share with you my actual  Trello board. But I copied the lists and have a screenshot for you so you can see the general thing.

I had so many lists I actually had to take two screenshots, but that’s okay. (Side note, I wish there was a way to stack the shorter lists on top of each other so I don’t have to scroll over to the right when I am on my desktop…but I mean that’s NBD right?). My background isn’t actually grey, it has a picture of bunch of open books in the background too. There were so many pictures to choose from though, it was really hard to pick just one.

My lists and uses are as follows:

Top Ten Tuesday

So, most of you know, but Top Ten Tuesday is a meme that we try to regularly participate in. Sometimes I really like a topic and I want to do it. So you see where it says “Auto-buy Authors”? It has my little face on teh bottom right corner, so that tells Rae that I want to do that post. In the chance that she wants to also do it, she can attribute herself to it as well, and I know that we will have to post it together. The other nifty thing about it is that I can set a due date. This serves for two things, to obviously remind me that an upcoming post is due, and on the calendar (see link on top right corner) I can see on a spread that I have a post set for that day.

Blog Post Ideas

I mean, sometimes I get an idea in the middle of the night. I am one of those people that practically sleep with my phone, so in the middle of the night I can just pop open Trello and bam! my weird 2am idea that doesn’t make much sense in daylight is right there for me to decipher.

Scrills Reviews to Write/Rae’s Reviews to Write

Every single month I write out a list in my monthly spread of my bullet journal of all the books that I read that I still need to review. You can’t see it here, but at the moment is is dauntingly long. But I am not alone, and Rae equally owes you all tons of reviews. Part of that was due to our hiatus, and partly because we are so eager to jump into the next book that it just…falls between the cracks. The nice thing about this one is that I can color code it if I have started a draft. I can also set a date so that Rae knows when I am going to write the post, and once it’s done I can check the little boxy thing that it’s done. YAY!

I can also expand this to include a book that I am currently reading so that I have any notes all together for my post. Because I read in bed and while I am waiting in a drive through and I don’t always have a (non existent) notebook handy to write down my thoughts.

Scrill’s ARCs/Rae’s ARCs

Again, monthly I had to update this list and it gets a little tedious. The nice thing is when I get a new ARC and it’s release date is earlier than the one on the bottom of the list I can easily rearrange so that they’re in date order (you know soonest release ARCs on top). Since we have a shared blog, it’s also very important to us to not just double up on all the ARC’s that we get, because that’s not fair to the publishers. So these lists allow us to know what ARCs we each have. As we like (if we can get to it) to try to post our reviews around release date, we can also plan out some of our posts months in advance as we receive the ARCs especially because they all tend to pick the same damn day to release on. So we can easily see on a calendar where we can squeeze in an extra post without spamming everyone with ARC reviews.

Buddy Reads

I am so bad about agreeing to a buddy read and then forgetting who I am reading it with and when. Like any other card I can set a due date, but I can set a reminder so that I know not to pick up extra books the week before, or even to remind the person(s) that I am reading with. Win, win, win.

Monthly Posts

This is just a spot to keep track of all my regular monthly posts. Since this is an ongoing board I actually have cards are month specific (“July TBR”) that way when I have that one done I can archive the card and it will disappear off my pseudo-monthly to do list.

Blog Stats

This is a list that I will not be archiving. Each month I will add a new card on top that will have my updated stats. That way at a glance I can see my (hopeful) growth. Since there is no limit to what your imagination can take you can keep track of whatever you want! If my site was monetized I would keep track of the income from the blog. If I did a giveaway a specific month, I can list it there along with the winner (and even stats about said giveaway in the notes, ie entries/platforms)

Publisher Contacts

I actually have a Google doc that has all these contacts all nice and neat. But it’s nice to have it in the same spot as my other blog info. The nice thing is I can put notes under each publisher indicating which books I have received from them.

Friendly Bloggers

This community would be nothing without the friends I have made. Everyone is so helpful and they all are so diverse in what they do. There is so much to keep track of for all these amazing people that yes, I want to keep it all here.

Anticipated Reads

I know you’re probably thinking, man don’t you just know what you want to buy/request. Don’t you have a list on goodreads for this? Yes and yes. But do I want to indicate which subscription boxes I suspect might have this book in it? Do I want to indicate that I already preordered it? Do I want to easily slide it from Anticipated Reads to (hopefully) Scrill’s ARCs? YASSSSS.

Well there you have it. Honestly, this was all set up so quickly and what I have accomplished in maybe a few hours if that. I plan on incorporating it into home and personal life too. Because it’s just so dang versatile and convenient. Do you use Trello? Do you have any tips you think I should be aware of?


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