So, I am going to be completely honest. I am ridiculously jealous of all those readers who have these fantastic bookshelfies. Pretty books, with super cute knickknacks and candles etc. I am way too poor for that. But I keep dreaming, and I am very, very slowly accumulating my favorite books. With that being said, I don’t let it hinder my reading at all. I am going to share with you guys how I get my hands on so many books all the time. I may not own them all, but you know what? I still get to enjoy them.

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The obvious answer, right? I know that this does not apply to everyone, because lets face it, not every city puts in as much money into their library system as mine does. But I am an avid library user and it is my primary source of books. If you haven’t checked out your library and you aren’t being rained on by the cash fairies then I definitely suggest it. Find out if your library has an online check out system. I can request books to be purchased and even brought to the closest library to my home (its a system of libraries through the city). They have more than just physical books too. I can request epub and kindle copies, audiobooks and even CD’s of the books. Sometimes only one copy is available so I have to wait, or it takes a few weeks to “catalog” a book so I don’t always get the new releases right away. But hey, it’s free! You may not think that the author doesn’t get anything out of it, but the library still has to actually purchase the books for their inventory, so the more we request it, the more rep they actually get. If I read a book that I absolutely love, it goes on my little wishlist of books I just have to have that I will one day purchase when I am rich and famous.

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Break a Sweat

No, not literally. What you’re reading right now…that’s me working for my books. Being a blogger, bookstagrammer, twitter user means that I can tell publishers that I will do a review for free if I get to read an advanced reader copy. No, I don’t get every book I request, and sometimes that can be disheartening. Yes, it’s a LOT of work. I enjoy it though! I started reviewing books on Goodreads regularly before I opted for a blog, and even then I just started putting my reviews on both. Eventually I got my recipe for reviews and started requesting.  It’s a little easier now, but that’s just because it’s habit, but it’s still a lot time invested. Once established there are actually a lot of posts on how to request physical ARC’s directly from the publisher. If you’re not that ambitious take the easy route, make an account with Netgalley and happy requesting away. FYI, not everything is an advanced reader copy on Netgalley, sometimes they have some older books that just need a little rep.

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I know you’re thinking “no duh”. Seriously, though! I have actually won a handful of books just entering giveaways on Goodreads…of course it seems there are quite a few less books on there now that they are being charged to even list the giveaways (dumb!) but it’s an easy way to possibly get a freebie!

Follow bloggers and authors! They are constantly doing giveaways and all you have to do usually is tag someone or repost a pictures or tweet. Not only are you still supporting the author by sharing about the book, but you are supporting the blogger too.

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Free Sites, etc

Whaatttt? These exist? I recently came across Riveted by Simon Teen where you can read full books right in your browser for limited time. All you have to do is make an account. These aren’t just the no namer books either! There are some popular books, and even newly released books on there. You just have to do it within the time frame listed. Yes, it’s that easy, and yes they are continuously rotating the titles out.

Don’t always want the new and popular? There are tons of classics in the “public domain” and these are easily accessible on many websites, and have even been turned into audiobooks (also for free) that are available by Librivox.

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Watch for Sales

Another one of those obvious answers that a lot of people don’t take advantage of. Honestly, I get two different emails daily telling me about ebooks on sale. Goodreads sends me one and I also get one from Bookbub. They both let me know when books are available for free up to $2.99 for iBook, Nook, Kindle, etc. Not only that but you can also just buy used physical copies on sites like Amazon. I have gotten some popular hardback books for like $3 dollars.

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I’m sure a lot of this wasn’t new for people, but sometimes, people just don’t know. I didn’t even know what Bookbub was until last year, so it doesn’t hurt to share!

I’m Curious  \ ^_^ /

What other sources do you have to read on a penny? Did you know about sites like Rivted or Librivox?


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