This was originally made by Lost in a Story, and is such a fantastic idea. Here are the instructions:

Go to your goodreads to-read shelf.
Order on ascending date added.
Take the first 5 (or 10 if you’re feeling adventurous) books
Read the synopses of the books
Decide: keep it or should it go?

In case you didn’t catch this disclaimer from last week, Scrill has passed the torch on to me, so to say. She has officially gotten to the part of her TBR list where its all mostly recent additions and so therefore they are all books she definitely wants to keep. Now we are going to tackle my insane TBR. And disclaimer: Its out of control. I’m not sure how I’ve amassed so many books on there, but lets just say it really needs a thorough clean up. Hopefully it will be fun to see what crazy books I have on the never ending list and you’ll get just as much of a kick out of it as I do! Lets begin, shall we?

The Books:

Book #3912

The Girl of Fire and Thorns (Fire and Thorns #1) by Rae Carson
Date added: April 19, 2012

I’ve seen so many reviews all over the place for this book, but sometimes I end up really enjoying the less than popular books. I definitely want to see what this high fantasy is all about.




11702088Book #3911

Harbinger by Sara Wilson Etienne
Date added: April 19, 2012

I mean it seems really interesting, a school for disturbed teens, sadistic guards, nurses doling out pills. I kind of want to see what happens when all of these bad decisions come together in one place.




12617758Book #3910

The Expats (Kate Moore) by Chris Pavone
Date added: April 19, 2012

It sounds interesting, but it also sounds a bit bland. Maybe when I’m looking to read a more adult book I’ll pick this one up, but for now its probably not going to be read any time in the near future.




13181348Book #3909

Silver (Return to Treasure Island #1) by Andrew Motion
Date added: April 19, 2012

Have I mentioned that I’m also a sucker for pirate stories?? I have to keep this one on the sole fact that there is a character named Long John Silver!! Makes me feel greasy just thinking about it! haha But still this sounds good, I’d like to give it a shot.




12384990Book #3908

Sisters of Glass by Stephanie Hemphill
Date added: April 19, 2012

Being only 160 pages and filled with poetry and creative writing, I have to say this would be a really easy read. Also that cover is absolutely gorgeous!!! I will keep this for a rainy day read.




12180253Book #3907

The Wicked and the Just by J. Anderson Coats
Date added: April 19, 2012

Meh. It just doesn’t draw me in with the blurb. It sounds like it could be a really dry book and while I don’t have anything against a dry and serious read, its not what I’m looking for right now.




10677277Book #3906

Article 5 (Article 5 #1) by Kristen Simmons
Date added: April 19, 2012

After a while I feel like all post apocalyptic / dystopian books tend to sound the same. I do think that this one could be interesting, but maybe another time.





351501Book #3905

The Spell Book of Listen Taylor by Jaclyn Moriarty
Date added: April 19, 2012

Sounds super cute, and I would probably love it, but right now I have so many other books on my plate that I need to start chopping more off my TBR. Sorry Listen Taylor, maybe another time.




6363322Book #3904

Ash by Malinda Lo
Date added: April 19, 2012

Cinderella retelling?! Thats all I need to hear! Its a keeper!





10507293Book #3903

The Selection (The Selection #1) by Kiera Cass
Date added: April 19, 2012

Yes, this is one I will eventually get to, I’ve heard so much about this series and how good it is. I’m not sure why I haven’t gotten around to reading it yet, but I definitely want to.





Starting TBR shelf total: 3931

Total books kept: 6


Let’s Discuss

Still trying to get more off the list, but its so hard when there are so many good sounding books out there! How do you organize or clear out your TBR? Do you constantly go through it and delete books? What if you are genuinely interested in a LOT of books but haven’t gotten around to them yet? I’d love to know what you all think!


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